Friday, November 29, 2013

5 Reasons Jamaican Culture Is the Most Popular Per Capita - According to the Atlanta Black Star

5 Reasons Jamaican Culture Is the Most Popular Per Capita - Atlanta Black Star

A classic feel good story if you're Jamaican and need to boost one's ego.  A nice story, in the same way that fairy tales are pleasant and pleasing to one's imagination.  The Author of this tale, a Jay M, lists three sources for his or her conclusions, namely the,,, which I so heartily wanted to be accurately validated by some or any infinitesimal morsel, in the form of any collaborating article, story or hint thereof.  Alas I found none and it wasn't for lack of trying either, mind you.   I'll keep trying to find any evidence that this article rings true. This story seems to be more opinion with nice writing and great pictures.  The Writer, indeed, shows quite a great aptitude and promise as one who, someday, will, clearly write great works of fiction and should be praised accordingly in this regard.
     However, I digress.  The five reasons given as will be obvious in the article, if one deems to read it are listed as follows:
  • Jamaican Patois becoming the youth language of choice in larger countries
  • Rastafari Religion 
  • Jamaican Cuisine
  • Reggae Music
  • Track & Field
Well There you have it read it for yourself and discuss it accordingly.  As for me, all this reading, writing and research has made me exceedingly hungry and I must away and satiate myself.

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