Saturday, November 30, 2013

Is the Linux.Darlloz Much Ado About Nothing? Perhaps, Only Time Will Tell.

Apparently there is a new worm supposedly attacking Intel chip based Linux boxes and Linux embedded devices, namely your Tivos, Routers,Tablets,Chromeboxes, Kindles and other like fine devices.  The news has certainly garnered much attention and rightly have many consumers concerned.  However, upon closer inspection, it seems that like most news reports, lately, this alarm is much ado about nothing. According to the alarm ringers from Symantec, whom it is said have discovered said worm, states that there is no evidence, of this worm dubbed Linux.Darlloz, being observed in the wild. Obviously, one should remain vigilant, but there seems hardly any room, as of yet, for panic.  Here's an excerpt of a related article from Infosecurity:
Symantec, who discovered the worm, has named it Linux.Darlloz, and says that it "appears to be engineered to target the 'Internet of things.'" It exploits an old PHP vulnerability to propagate, although Symantec has not yet found it in the wild. "The attacker," says Kaoru Hayashi in a company blog, "recently created the worm based on the Proof of Concept (PoC) code released in late Oct 2013."
There are several root-kit and virus scanners available for Linux Desktop users, but seriously, how does one run a virus scan on an embedded device with read-only file systems?  It's not as if one can do virus scans remotely on those machines.  If anyone of you knows how to remotely virus scan or check for root kits remotely let us know, we'd love to try it.  The point really is this, this worm is mainly a proof of concept and will probably remain as such. 

NYC Now Confiscating Legal Weapons.

This according to this Washington Times article that is stating that those residents, lucky enough to be able to enjoy their God given right to bear arms, in the Peoples City Of New York, must now turn any such weapon in that has the capacity to hold more than five (5) rounds of ammunition.  It's a relatively small article and here is a snippet of it:

New York City authorities have been sending out notices to residents who own guns that now violate new ammunition capability laws, demanding they relinquish their weapons — and even though the notifications may just be standard police procedure, the text is a shocker.
At issue: Weapons that hold more than five rounds of ammo, The Blaze reported.  One such notice to a city resident, dated Nov. 18 and posted on The Blaze, reads: “Immediately surrender your rifle and/or shotgun to your local police precinct, and notify this office of the invoice number. The firearm may be sold or permanently removed from the City of New York thereafter. Permanently remove your rifle and/or shotgun from New York City.”
The letter also advises that the recipient “may call to discuss the matter if you believe your firearm is in compliance, or you may request the option to bring your firearm to a licensed gunsmith for a permanent modification and certification proving that it is permanently modified and in compliance.”
The Associated Press reported that it wasn’t clear if police were taking aggressive steps to root out those who ignored the demands of the letter.

The Alleged Iran Nuclear Agreement. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Sat 30 Nov 2013 04:34:59 AM EST

    What can possibly be the motivation of the Obama Administration in regards to the Iran "peace' negotiations?  Does anyone actually think Iran can be trusted? The White House and the democrats seem to.  What could garner such machinations one wonders?  Is it an attempt at legacy building, are Secretary Of State John Kerry and the other members of the Executive Branch just a heck of a lot smarter than the rest of us and historical data, or are they deliberately saboteurs or maybe just plain fools?  One may only have to speculate on these questions.
    It seems as though Iran has no compunction to follow any of whatever agreements that were allegedly reached.  It seems as if some members of the Iranian government is even saying so loudly and plainly.  Indeed, according to an article written in the Financial Times, dated November 29, 2013 6:58 pm,
    "Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s new president, has insisted that Tehran will not dismantle its nuclear facilities, as advocated by Israel and US hawks but has held out hope for an end to its long estrangement with Washington.
In an interview with the Financial Times in Tehran, Mr Rouhani struck a tough line on Iran’s expectations over a comprehensive nuclear deal to be negotiated following last weekend’s landmark interim pact.
“One hundred per cent [no],” he said when asked about dismantling nuclear facilities."
    One can only imagine the mischief ripening in the minds of the enemies of the United States, for our enemies, and or, adversaries need only wait us out to eventually join together when their numbers are sufficient enough, to contemplate the notion of actually bringing us to defeat.  It seems as if time is indeed, on the side of our foes, while we continue to be a nation bent on suicide.


Here's an article from The Washington Times whose author seems to echo similar concerns:
It’s not just the Iranians measuring the president twice before cutting him once. China has drawn an unusual “air-defense zone” in the East China Sea meant to test the resolve of Japan, South Korea and above all the United States, to see who if anyone will try to do anything about it. The first Chinese aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, was dispatched to the area on a training mission, innocent enough but intended to show that Beijing is big enough to back up a threat. This is supposed to be a dispute between China and Japan over a few uninhabited islands in the East China Sea. It’s true that all real estate is about location, location, location, but this dispute is useful in other ways.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Have You Lost Patience With The NFL?

The seemingly politically, desperately trying to stay clear of the politicians and leftists' radar, correct National Football League has allegedly banned this commercial.  While there is no confirmation as of yet as to the facts of these claims, one may be inclined to believe it. 

5 Reasons Jamaican Culture Is the Most Popular Per Capita - According to the Atlanta Black Star

5 Reasons Jamaican Culture Is the Most Popular Per Capita - Atlanta Black Star

A classic feel good story if you're Jamaican and need to boost one's ego.  A nice story, in the same way that fairy tales are pleasant and pleasing to one's imagination.  The Author of this tale, a Jay M, lists three sources for his or her conclusions, namely the,,, which I so heartily wanted to be accurately validated by some or any infinitesimal morsel, in the form of any collaborating article, story or hint thereof.  Alas I found none and it wasn't for lack of trying either, mind you.   I'll keep trying to find any evidence that this article rings true. This story seems to be more opinion with nice writing and great pictures.  The Writer, indeed, shows quite a great aptitude and promise as one who, someday, will, clearly write great works of fiction and should be praised accordingly in this regard.
     However, I digress.  The five reasons given as will be obvious in the article, if one deems to read it are listed as follows:
  • Jamaican Patois becoming the youth language of choice in larger countries
  • Rastafari Religion 
  • Jamaican Cuisine
  • Reggae Music
  • Track & Field
Well There you have it read it for yourself and discuss it accordingly.  As for me, all this reading, writing and research has made me exceedingly hungry and I must away and satiate myself.

One-Third Of New Yorkers Will End Up On Medicaid Thanks To Obamacare.

This according to the New York Post article stating that some 300,000 New Yorkers will find out that they are now qualified for Medicaid.  The article didn't stipulate whether any of those signing up were doing so because they lost their employer sponsored plans so one can only speculate, investigate or wait, to be informed on that specific matter.  My instincts scream that this just can't be a good thing.  Although the Governor, Andrew Cuomo, and presumably, New York State democrats are probably thrilled.

"Since the Oct. 1 rollout of the ­Affordable Care Act in New York, nearly half of New Yorkers who signed up for insurance on the state-run exchange qualified for Medicaid.
Of the 76,177 sign-ups, 46 percent were Medicaid enrollees, while 41,021 enrolled in commercial plans. Many of those with moderate incomes who obtain private insurance are also eligible for public subsidies to help cover their premiums.
Cuomo has welcomed the Medicaid expansion because under ObamaCare the federal government is financing most of the costs of new enrollees.
Traditionally, the feds and New York state and local governments split the costs of the state’s massive, $55 billion Medicaid program, the largest in the nation.
Starting in 2014, the feds will pick up 75 percent of the tab and eventually 90 percent for childless Medicaid adults, instead of the current 50 percent. The new law expands eligibility for single adults to 130 percent of the poverty level, from the present 100 percent.
The new formulas will save New York state $2.3 billion a year.
Health advocates said the Medicaid expansion thus far has been the brightest spot in the ObamaCare rollout — at least in states that have agreed to participate.
“We’ve made good progress. ­Enrolling uninsured residents into Medicaid has been an important policy goal of New York for a long time,” said Assembly Health Committee chairman Richard Gottfried (D-Manhattan).
“Enrolling people in Medicaid makes economic sense. It means fewer expensive, unpaid hospital bills and a healthier workforce. It’s health care, not welfare,” he said."

Is Reading Important To You And Ought It Be?

This was a lecture given by the author Neil Gaiman about the importance of reading and libraries.  I thought it was worth a look, the source of this store can also be found here complete with the transcript of the entire speech. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mark Steyn Is On the Air Tomorrow, Hosting The Rush Limbaugh Show on Black Friday.

For all you Mark Steyn Fans, here's what's up. 
On Friday, November 29, 2013, Mark joins Fox News 92.5 across Southwest Florida at 7:30am Eastern Time.  Later join him for three hours of substitute-host-level Excellence in Broadcasting on a Black Friday edition of America's Number One radio broadcast, The Rush Limbaugh Show

Meet The Jews Of Jamaica, The Oldest Continuous Community In The New World.

The Jews of Jamaica have existed since 1494 and are the oldest continuous community living on the island to this day and have contributed to whatever has and will be good on the island.