Thursday, March 17, 2011

White House: Illegal Downloaders/Streamers of Audio/Video=Felons; Illegal Aliens/Anchor Babies=Freedom, Welfare Benefits, Free Healtcare And Citizenship.

Let them try.  Democrats and other feckless politicians will always want to enslave us.  Let them try.  There are archives of thousand of movies, music, images and much more that are free domain, and they outnumber the trash that Hollywood and the music industry now peddle and their government stooges wish to make criminals out of the rest of us.  Instead of enforcing the laws already on the books, they wish to further subjugate us.  Here is a short movie a clip if you will, one of thousands that can be found at, enjoy, and death to tyranny wherever it may be.

A great piece of Americana, proving that even though the government wishes to turn computer users who stream and or download audio/video into felons, there are thousands of audio and video files they can't keep from us.