Monday, March 15, 2010

Awaiting Iran's Downfall.

It is sad, when Israel, must go it alone, if at all, against the tyrannical regime of Iran. If and when Iran achieves nuclear weaponry, all parties involved, save Israel, will be judged. The Muslims and their Islamic god seem to be winning as the west keeps appeasing and Israel herself is under tremendous pressure from her many foes and fledgling allies, if any. Why should Israel rescue a world too cowardly to exist? Perhaps the west should harvest the crop sown from the seeds of cowardice, unfortunately Israel is also in the cross-hairs and may yet have to save the coward enablers from themselves once again. John Bolton, a man whom I greatly admire, and whom the Democrat party deemed an enemy, agrees that Israel should be thinking about a preemptive strike against the moronic Islamic regime.

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