Monday, March 22, 2010

The Fall Of The Republic Has Begun.

These are historic times, indeed. The world, knowingly or not, may have just witnessed the fall of the Republic which still goes by the name, The United States. The Roman Republic possibly fell in a similar manner. The anger and helpless felt by many citizens of this once great nation, border on incitement of total bloody violence and outright war directed at the democrats, their supporters and the leftist in general. Our anger will fester and simmer, we'll wait until the November elections to strike the first blows, we may not be able to repeal the abominable socialist medicine bill because Obama will still be president and we may face opposition in the Senate if our majorities are lacking. We must continue to beat these bastards back until they are an irrelevant minority. We must also rid the Republican party of all the RINO's and so-called moderates, who are really liberals. This includes that feckless John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and the twins from Maine for starters. The only other alternative is an eventual civil war. Currently, America's enemies must be elated.

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