Tuesday, March 30, 2010

All Men Are Born Free, But Everywhere They Are In Chains.

Before the American Revolutionary war, King George III and the British Parliament imposed taxes on the colonist, the colonist refused to pay, escalated civil disobedience and eventually waged war on the world superpower at the time, England. This story put in recent context, reveals the tyranny of the Democrats' plea that they do what they do for the rights of the people. They are forcing us to buy a product we do not wish to have, a tax in essence, and proving it a tax they use the IRS to enforce this new tax and dare us to boycott it. Americans have fought wars of independence for less than this, what makes the Idiot king and his congress think we can't or wont take similar stands eventually? We'll vote come November 2, 2010 but just as we fought tyranny in 1776 be prepared for self sacrificing men of liberty today as well, not just a warning to the left but a serious promise. Now, come do your worst.

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