Friday, February 5, 2010

Of Shark Attacks & Islamic Terrorism.

This is going to sound crazy but bear with me, did the 2001 incessant reports of shark attacks, especially in the summer, have anything to do with terrorist coming ashore and falling prey to shark attacks? I remember news reports, constantly, during the spring and summer months in 2001, about sharks attacking all over. Then there was some report once, that al Qaeda wanted to launch attacks on American interests using mini subs and possibly underwater scooters. Here's a Google search of 2001 shark attacks, for those with short memories. At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy nut, I can't help trying to connect the dots, Time magazine on their July 30th, 2001 cover, declared it was, "The Summer Of The Shark", with this article. The reasons why I've recently decided to make my suspicions public, is I'd hate for someone else to make this connection while I just sat on it, plus, there have been several shark related events being reported recently, in succession and while I was looking for collaborating sources for this posts, I ran across this item in World Net Daily. There was also the story about the 38 year old man, a kite surfer, who was killed by a shark, off Stuart Beach, in Florida, while that may be in of itself strange, stranger still is another piece, describing hundreds of sharks being spotted off the coast of Palm Beach, even while the victim's body has since been recovered. Perhaps the sharks are directing us to clues, perhaps from their point of view, the waters off the coast of Florida, are rich with prey, from the terrorist species. I mean, these are men who would not think twice to blow up a girls school, what's a little infiltration into the belly of the great Satan beast, using underwater scooters and some scuba gear? It seems these sharks know a rich feeding ground, albeit a temporary one, when they see it, or else why would hundreds of them be suddenly patrolling the coastal beaches off Palm Beach? Here's another news item concerning terrorist usage of underwater scooters. One only has to search for the terms, underwater scooters and al qaeda, to see that such a notion might not be too far fetched. I remember being taught that sharks keep the ocean clean, if indeed, they are eating, the occasional invading terrorist, then the irony cannot be lost on anyone. The real question here though, is, why would terrorist need to clandestinely come ashore into the United States, considering we just love to let them in so freely? It's elementary, dear reader, they probably have a few radioactive materials to smuggle in, which may be used to create little explosive packages that will be no bigger than the space of an average car trunk or SUV. We'll just have to wait and see if that is so or not, but I have to admit, it's not such a half bad theory at that.

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