Friday, February 5, 2010

NBC Serves Soul Food Minus Watermelons In Celebration Of Black History Month.

The above photograph is a cellphone photograph of NBC's cafeteria menu, allegedly celebrating black history month. I got this last night from a friend on twitter, as usual I didn't think it would be a big story, so I ignored it. Well I didn't quite ignore it, I replied that liberal blacks would be enraged because NBC apparently forgot to include the watermelons, if one is going to reinforce a stereotype one should reinforce it completely. If this were done by a conservative or conservative organization, the liberal, black, race mongers, would be inciting rebellions and demanding resignations, but because NBC is the mouthpiece of the Massas, of the Democrat party, liberal jigs know to keep their places and their mouths shut. As usual I'm not offended, it's the damned double standard and phony outrage by the liberal state run media and the black race hustlers, that is illustrative. I'm sure liberal blacks will be still tuning in to watch Rachael Madcow and Keith Overbite because everybody knows NBC's intention was not malicious and hell, even if they're offended, they'll know to STFU and know their place.

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