Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yemen We Hardly Knew Thee.

Are we so myopic as a culture and people to just be reactive instead of geared for action? Even after the 2000 terrorist bombing of the USS Cole, by al-Qaeda, in the port city of Aden, Yemen, many Americans, especially the state run media outfits, continue to act as if they were oblivious to Yemen's importance as a source of terrorism. Yemen has been in the news forever, when, during the 1980's, there was wanton poaching of the black rhinoceros, it was Yemen that provided the market for the rhinos' tusks, to be used to make the handle of the Yemeni dagger or Jambiya. Okay, the only part of this story I didn't know was the name of the dagger and I'm a moron. Yet, seemingly intelligent government officials are pretending, or not, how surprising it is to discover this new front of terror. Yemen has been a basket case for nearly two generations. Prior to the 1950's there were 50,000 Jews living in Yemen, today there are little more than 200 Jews to be found there and they are being persecuted and dozens are being forced to convert to Islam. There were and are efforts by many Jewish organizations to relocate these people, for their own sake, yet many refuse or are reluctant to leave for fear they will loose all they posses. As recently as one year ago, a Jew named Moshe Yaish al-Nahari, was murdered, shot in the street near his home because he refused to convert to peaceful Islam. Will the state run media operations feign ignorance when a jihadist from London, a worse breeding ground for terrorist, than even Yemen, succeeds in performing a terrorist act on an aircraft bound for our shores? Will they pretend not to know that rabid jihadist walk, plan and plot freely in Britain, while we allow the citizens of that nation to enter without visas? Britain is and have been a staunch ally, but they refuse to combat this scourge of malcontents infesting their very being. Yemen's role as a producer of our enemies is not a new one but an ongoing sign of who and what our enemy is. The west must be forced to combat these enemies instead of coddling them, for not doing so, is tantamount to suicide and in committing thus, then is the time we may say we are no better than our enemies.

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