Sunday, January 3, 2010

Will The Jets Disappoint Tonight? I'm Guessing Yes Is A Pretty Sure Bet.

Well, first things first, the game will be played in New York, well actually, New Jersey, but I digress, the temperature is currently 20°F but with the winds from the North West at 23 MPH, gusting at 33 MPH, it feels more like 3°F. It's a balmy 63°F in my domicile for anyone who cares, at it dipped slightly to 59°F about 6 am. this morning but I'll show them, I'll be walking around here in my shorts and T-shirt. I'm thinking Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez will be intercepted hundreds of times tonight because of the wind, cold and over forty years of Jets history and bad Jets karma. Trust me Jets fans I'd love to be wrong here, but history is in my favor, the jets are known for croaking in situations just like this one, we have a national audience, our destiny in our own hands and Jets fans are hoping for an unlikely win. What could go wrong? It's just too bad that my only vice is having a mind ripe with mischief, I could really use profuse amounts of drugs and alcohol right about now.

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