Saturday, January 30, 2010

We'll Return To The War On Muslim Terrorists, After These Weak Democrats.

This is the enemy that has been festering in Somalia, al Shabab, a well funded sharia inspired Wahabbi practicing terrorist organization that was established in 2007, when the Democrats assumed leadership of the Congress, which is possibly why they are being allowed to fester for so long, making Somalia an even more attractive terrorist petri dish than was Afghanistan. Members of al Shabab claim they hate white people and being jihadi guerrillas is a part of their religion. The Democrats in association with the feckless cowardly Obama Administration refuses to formulate any strategy to combat terrorist where they fester, instead of detering this behavior, their inaction in the horn of Africa, which includes Yemen, for this discussion, has made it both profitable in the form of the numerous pirating ventures in the region, and alluring to Muslims particularly in the United States. Instead of targeting Muslim terrorists at home and abroad with the fullest extent of the law, the Dems and their allies prefer to target Republicans, Conservatives and the American taxpayers. I can't say what Bush would have done, but I know what would make me happy. I want the crap bombed out of Somalia, Yemen, Iran and Syria and not necessarily in that order, I want Jihadi Muslims, an oxymoron I know, put on notice, that armed United States citizens at home an or abroad, will plug them full of holes willing to send them to Allah and the 72 year old virgins, if they even dream of terrorist acts against us. Instead the Dems, the Courts and some spineless Republican politicians, want to coddle these venomous vipers, granting them the hard won rights of American citizens complete with added circus styled show trials. The result of which is evident, disruptive Arab and or Muslim airplane passengers, mass importations of future jihadis from Muslim nations such as Somalia, replete with flaccid, all around impotence from the ever bloated Federal Government. Elections have consequences, we have an opportunity to rid ourselves of these cancerous lesions, namely the Democrats, the recent Muslim insurgency, and later the feckless less than womanly Obama Administration. Until then, it remains our god given right to be ever vigilant, in the face of these ravenous dogs, that we pay attention, be ever on guard for our lives and the lives of those we love, to be ready to combat them where they will meet us, and not be squeamish.

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