Monday, January 4, 2010

The Various State Run Media Outlets Already Drumming Signals Of Defeat In Afghanistan.

With their man in the White House and their party running things on Capitol Hill and them being the eternal pacifists the media are signaling both overtly and subliminally that it is time to surrender our efforts in Afghanistan. For the past several weeks, there have been stories from various Democrat state run media outlets illustrating this point. Case in point, USA Today, had the headline titled, "Afghanistan far deadlier than Iraq for U.S. troops in 2009." dated December 30th, two days later on January 1st, ABC's headline was "2009 Deadliest year for U.S. in Afghanistan.", where the quoted the same figures as in the USA Today column. Either they're stupid or they think many of us are, I convinced it's both. There's a stark difference between the two battlefields now, Iraq is no longer a hot war, Afghanistan still is. First they compare the deaths this year in Afghanistan to last year, then state that it doubled from whatever it was to 312. Then they shift focus in the next sentence stating that only 150 Americans lost their lives in Iraq, presumably this year, then state that that figure was half what it was this year. What's the point of these stories? All I could figure is that casualties in the Afghan theater doubled from last year while in Iraq casualties halved. Where's the story? I'll tell you what the story is, they want us to believe that the war in Afghanistan is a quagmire and cannot be won. They want us to focus on the 312 deaths in Afghanistan and the 150 deaths in Iraq to see a ratio of 2:1, Instead of what I stated earlier, the deaths in the hot war doubled while the not so hot war halved. Which means we at least broke even. These state run media outfits are now on par with Pravda they mock the concept of a free press' definition. Think about it, we were bombing the crap out of these clowns, then the Democrats with their media echo chambers started the chants of "winning hearts and minds", this is before the Iraqi war, mind you, along with winning hearts and minds, these clowns began throwing around phrases like "nation building", so Bush and the other RINO's capitulated, gave the Dems and their lapdogs in the media the ammunition to sabotage our war efforts to this point. I have a suggestion, if the war is going badly it probably means we scrap the "winning hearts and minds" and "nation building crap". Perhaps, we just need to break hearts, minds, bodies and nations. You know, if it weren't for the Democrat puke squad, we would have by now broken Syria and Iran. We probably would not have these same scumbags running the government now, and we could focus our efforts on making sure China, Russia and their various satellite states, North Korea, being one, become impotent. I know, but a guy can dream, right?

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