Tuesday, January 5, 2010

TSA Prove What Morons They Be.

In a cowardly act, that probably came from on high, like say, the White House, TSA clowns handcuffed military blogger Michael Yon at a Seattle Airport because he would not disclose his income. Does TSA stand for The Stupid Asses? One can only assume that this is just a rouse to give the perception of being thorough, by hassling people who are least likely to be terrorist and letting Muslims through. CAIR must of gotten to them, we know they dare not hassle those peaceful Islamic adherents or that could be their asses, so let's hassle Grandma or a priest perhaps. I'll be damned if I ever fly anywhere under these conditions. If I can't travel well armed then screw it, I'll be in the damn bunker, cleaning weapons.

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