Friday, January 15, 2010

Special Elections For Massachusetts Senate Seat May Deliver Democrats A Message.

A Republican winning a senate seat in Liberal Blue Massachusetts? This is akin to the New York Jets winning the Super Bowl this year, that is, the apocalypse cannot be afar off. The Jets will have their opportunity come Sunday, to decide if they will advance closer to the championship and only themselves to rely on to reach that goal. On Tuesday January 19th, 2010, Scott Brown, the Republican candidate running for the senate seat formally held by Ted Kennedy, will have to rely on the good sense of the Massachusetts electorate. Brown, if successful, will be that state's first Republican Senator in a generation, that's thirty years for you Columbia alum. I'm preparing a disaster readiness kit just in case either of these two events occur, in the case of the Jets, if they win on Sunday it's time to get the kit ready. The Democrats will have to break out the dead people vote for this one, and I'm sure to include popcorn in my disaster preparedness kit, this is going to be a most happy wreck.

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