Saturday, January 2, 2010

Short Memories Lead To Long Sufferings.

Does anyone remember when Donald Rumsfeld was Secretary of Defense? I do, he was effective, he made the Democrats reveal to everyone how petty and clueless they were on national security issues. He also revealed the state run media to appear to be an arm of the Democratic National Committee and revealed how very stupid many of them were. The Democrats and their supporters hated him for that and for that he had to die. Many stupid sellout Republican RINO's including John McCain gave the Democrat machine ammunition to use against him, many of whom ended up loosing their seats in the 2006 congressional races. They went with the populist narrative that he was incompetent, which was a lie, drummed by the state run media talking heads and failed to defend their own. The result was the Democrats winning a majority of seats in the house and President Bush capitulating to them. The rest, as they say, is history. I only take this trip down memory lane because of the fact that the feckless Obama Administration, their cheerleeders in congress and of course the media arm of the DNC aka the free press, allow for outright lies to be spued that the previous Administration were too concerned with the Iraqi front and neglected the war in Afghanistan. It's an outright lie, the war in Iraq was a brilliant diversion. The Bush Administration's invasion/liberation of Iraq caused would be jihadists to split their forces in order to fight us. Were it not for the Iraqi campaign, Afghanistan would potentially be more volatile, as the Russians found out in their ten year conflict. The Democrats are constantly lying and revealing themselves to those of us who see them for what they really are, power hungry cowardly nannies and ninnies. We're having alleged problems in Afghanistan because of this nonsense called nation building which if memory serves me was cooked up by my favorites villains the Dems and their supporters in the press. If only Republicans had backbones to weather the storm they would win every time. Donald Rumsfeld was a brilliant man who did not deserve to be thrown under the bus by folks who should have known better, and many of us did not forgive nor forget what happened to the targets of the Dems at the hands of feckless Republicans. No amount of revisionist history and made up novels being sold on Amazon will change the fact that were he Secretary of Defense the wars would only go badly in the newsrooms of the state run media machines.

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