Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown Wins Massachusetts Senate Seat In Special Election.

One would be surprised to know, how many people in this nation, didn't know about this senate race or even cared. Not us however, we watched it ever so cautiously and I think it may be safe to say that the New York Jets, in light of this unlikely Republican taking a US Senate seat in blue Massachusetts, may indeed be Super Bowl champions if they can get by the Indianapolis Colts. No stranger occurrences may even remotely upstage this one. I'm not sure what reaction the Democrats will have, however, but I'm quite sure it will take the form of them circling the wagons with the intention of pissing us off at full blast. What this means to the uninitiated, is that now the Democrats have 59 Senators to the Republican 41, which gives the Republicans, if they can remain united, the ability to block the many bills that are not in the country's best interest. It is said that Scott Brown is Pro Choice, or more accurately Pro Abortion, but I wont hold it against him just yet, I mean, come on, what do you expect from a Republican coming out of New England? I'm always in favor of kicking the Democrats when they're down, thus I will savor this victory. Therefore, we congratulate the newly elected Senator Scott Brown and may he aid us in curtailing the Democrat's left wing agenda, until the Calvary can get here in November.

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