Monday, January 4, 2010

Russia To United States: Become Defenseless Then We May Have Arms Reduction Talks.

The Russians seem to be concerned with something the call our missile shield system. They are apparently using this to frighten the Democrats into capitulating. All I have to say to the Ruskies is, be patient comrades
time is on your side, I mean one would think being an ex-KGB agent, that Putin would know that his willing accomplices in the White House and US Congress are going to be all too willing to cut the great Satan down to size. Indeed, the Dems didn't want the stinking missile shield anyway as that would give us an unfair advantage. That's why Obama threw the emerging eastern European democracies under the bus. I'm not a fan of Russia and I prefer them wary of our next move, I don't want them as partners and the can't be trusted. It's obvious that they smell blood and know they must act quickly before the political tide changes and the American electorate elect representatives with some testosterone. We should arm up and wait these punks out, Russia should not be taken seriously by anyone in Washington D.C., they are a dying nation soon to be overrun by Islamic Jihadi's who inevitably will probably inherit their weapons of mass destruction. That's why we need representatives who can make adult decisions. Let's us have an arms race, the Democrats days are numbered because they are weak and the public is beginning to notice.

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