Monday, January 4, 2010

The Predictable CAIR Plays The Victim Card.

It's just a matter of time before CAIR gets what's coming. They are the 'nonviolent' arm of the Jihad against America. They are claiming that new TSA rules are targeting Muslims in general and 'American Muslims' in particular. It's about time, why should the flying public be held hostage with grandmas and babies being searched when we know who wants us dead and it is Muslims and CAIR who wishes to do us harm. You clowns are not Americans, you're American in name only. You're first and foremost soldiers of Allah meant to kill the kafir, Jews and Christians. You have no compulsion to lie, because I'm sure it is permitted to lie to the infidel. The pot is boiling, soon I'm sure, history has proven this, the American public will fix this. This group CAIR opposes free speech and constantly tries to silence anyone who shines the light on them, Islam, and terrorist motives. When will they slip up and be prosecuted and revealed for the terrorist sympathizers and Muslim mafia they are?

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