Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Muslim Arab High School Students Show True Colors.

This from the keeping your enemies close department. Hat Tip Debbie Schlussel. Muslim Arab students in Dearborn, Michigan wore sweatshirts glorifying The September 11, 2001 attack by Muslims on our soil. The logo presented the number eleven, with each one having windows like buildings and a plane flying towards them. Above the two ones, are the letters LOUI and beneath the two ones is the phrase "you can't bring us down. Young Jihadist in training, no doubt trying to intimidate the student population. These ass hats claimed they meant no harm or some such rot. Way to stay classy. We need to just import more of these fine upstanding folks of the trademarked "religion of peace" until we reach a critical mass, literally and figuratively. The picture above was snapped with my phone, as I did not want to steal the picture from Debbie's site as I already stole her story. Thanks Deb.

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