Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Magic That Is Global Warming, One Size Fits All.

I know I have exhausted this topic like China exhausts her coal supplies this winter but I really couldn't let this little treasure go untapped. China is having the worst winter since 1951 officials claim, trains were reportedly stopped in their tracks, there have been shortages of coal, power cuts, because of coal shortages, massive airport closures, airport scheduling disruptions and just general misery. I distinctly remember president Obama mentioning how far ahead of us, China, Germany and Japan were, in the energy department, when he was pimping his 'green jobs' fantasy. Here a link for those of us with short attention spans. He claimed they were racing ahead of us, it seems those green jobs and green energy mechanisms probably only work well in the tropics and in the minds of people like the president. I was hoping someone in the article would blame this years winter weather on global warming, but alas, I read it several times and couldn't find such a statement. What I did find however, was an op-ed column by that ass clown Thomas L. Friedman, you know him, the guy who's always traveling to these exotic lands telling us how more advanced everyone is, in comparison to us. Well he's allegedly in China, his column states it. Read it, if you can stomach this mans smug superiority. He claims to be in China and how well ahead of us they are in what he calls, their "green leap forward", pretty much what his bud Obama said. He did mention China's ambition to build many nuclear power plants, without mentioning that dictatorships such as China can build all the nuclear power plants they want because they just kill the environmentalists who dare get it their way. He doesn't factor in the environmental zealots on our side who try to shut down the few nuclear power units we do have, let alone have us build new ones. If you search the the article there's no mention of snow, winter, power outages or any number of travails the Chinese are experiencing at this very moment, just his customary American bashing. I can only pray that if he is indeed, in China, his hotel gets it's power turned off and the hotel's generator is out of order, there is an interruption with the gas heating system and he has to use whatever hardcover books available to keep his fat ass warm. What a jerk and what a joke. I know it's cold here, but we have no shortages of things and means to keep warm, what we do lack is honesty and common sense in government. Take a look at China and her alleged giant green leap and peer in our own future, if we allow these idiots who represent us, to destroy our economy further, relegating us to equality in misery.

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