Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jamaican Born Muslim al-Faisal Thrown Under The Jamaican Bus.

Talk about your regrets. I bet the west doesn't seem so badly now huh pal? Religion of peace proponent, reputedly controversial, Sheik Abdullah al-Faisal seems to be a man now soon to be without a country. Sure Jamaica will have to take him in, but it seems he wasn't too popular on the Muslim street of the island in the sun. This, According to the Jamaican Observer, reveals that the Islamic Council of Jamaica have blocked him from preaching in any of their affiliated mosques. This guy must be a real sweetheart. I'm guessing we have room for this guy here, don't be surprised to see this guy hanging out with Louis Farrakhan sometime in the near future. Who knows, could we be looking at the future leader of the Nation of Islam? Historic times people, historic times. One question keeps poking me, is where does an ex-con deported back to the third world Jihadi cleric get the money to travel to several countries in Africa? According to Kenyan officials, he was in Nigeria which is the West coast of that massive continent, then to South Africa who knows where else, then he sneaks into Kenya, which is on the east coast of Africa, through a road border crossing in Tanzania. That's a lot of loot. One can only speculate as to how he came by such funds, maybe a little cultivation of Jamaica's cash crop? Oh well, one of life's mysteries. Be on the lookout for this fellow, it is obvious Jamaica is not quite big enough for him.

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