Thursday, January 21, 2010

Democrats Down.

It's been a great week politically for us on the right, Scott Brown's most happy wreck of the Democrat's delusions of unending power, the rats abandoning the ship Obama, the futile spinning by the state run media organizations, the SCOTUS smashing that wretched Mclame Foolsgold bill and that farce of a radio network, Air America have left the airwaves filing chapter 7 bankruptcy. Oh, if only NPR could follow suit, but I dream. I haven't felt this good since the Clinton impeachment hearings. Now, I'm not giddy enough to believe the Democrats learned any lessons here, quite the contrary, I expect them to do their utmost best to continue to cut the country down to third world status with the little time they have left to make us miserable. I also expect them to start talking about bi-partisanship and feigning epiphany while secretly cursing our names and plotting our eternal demise. Those poor hapless Democrats with 256 house members to the republicans 178 and with 58 senate seats to the republican 40, how will they lead with such unsatisfactory majorities? If Chuck U Schumer is against it, then I'm for it, and vice versa. The Supreme Court rarely gets it right but smacking down the Mclame Foolsgold anti free speech bill was a good start. It is always horrifying to note that four justices also believe in curtailing free speech as well, including wise Latina Sotomayor. I'll be enjoying this week lovingly as I know there can't be too many more like this but I will always contend, that it is always good to kick Democrats while they're down.

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