Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Interpol And United States Sovereignty, Part 2.

I have written about this concern of the President's executive order concerning Interpol, here. I also like to be wrong sometimes which I believe logic has led me to question my hyperbole concerning the matter. While I hate the UN and anything vaguely associated with it, there were two columns written by Mark Leon Goldberg that made me question my rage. Mark's first column is here, and his most recent is here. It wasn't his reason that convinced me, even though he was reasonable nor was it his liberal use of the terms uninformed bloggers and uninformed assault. The fact is I knew as much but the fact that the signing of the executive order was kept quiet and not reported on and my displeasure with this administration made me want to vent a little. Besides, Israel is a member state of Interpol, so how bad could they be?

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