Friday, January 15, 2010

Here Comes The Katrina vs. Haiti Comparisons.

Ever the predictable ones, the state run media, are making it appear that Obama and his administration's, approach to the Haitian earthquake, will not be making the alleged mistakes made by Bush in dealing with the hurricane Katrina crisis. Here is one of the many news articles to come, from the forever in the tank, Associated Press, claiming, Obama heeding lessons of Katrina. The lessons he's allegedly heeding must be secret in nature, as it was not disclosed in the article. We'll be waiting breathlessly for the follow up piece. If one pays attention to the media reports concerning the rescue operation in Haiti, one would have the sense that there is help already on the ground and the crisis is being handled at this very moment, some two days since, and the natives are all, and will, be fed, drunk, housed and rescued come sundown. However, there are murmurs, the fine print of a hint, that this so called rescue, to dwarf the perceived 'bungling' of Katrina attempts, isn't yet off the ground. While this fact that an undertaking such as this is monumental, understandably difficult, why the phony glory portraying some conquering lion as seemingly, walking on water, healing the sick, feeding the hungry and giving drink to the thirsty? It's a fraud, one may find many stories from the same state run media outlets, the unofficial public relations arm of the Democrat party, proving that there are many obstacles, just as in Katrina, that have yet to be overcome before any aid reaches any sizable afflicted population. Here are but a few headlines, one may or may not be privy to, from the Wall Street Journal, the headline is, "Aid Efforts Face Obstacles in Quake-Ravaged Capital Damaged Port, Devastated Capital Add to the Hurdles; U.S. Military, Relief Groups Struggle With Communications.", from the Miami Herald, "Haiti's western towns left ruined and isolated; USS Vinson arrives." These are only two examples, but I may include more to prove a point. For the uninitiated, when an earthquake does occur, roads are damaged, underground pipes are burst, thus causing floods, trees, power lines, poles , buildings and all manner of obstructive elements abound, to block relief. I've heard that it took five days for relief to reach the victims of Katrina, not that, that's important, Katrina was first and foremost a failure of Louisiana's sovereign representatives and leadership. The message many on the left would have us believe is that we should all, all of us, from the Governor of Louisiana, the Mayor of New Orleans on down, assume the fetal position and play dead until FEMA rolls in with the Calvary to help us help ourselves. In other words in typical nanny state fashion, abdicate one's role in ones own self preservation and leave it to the all knowing government to rescue us, after all they owe us that much, right? This being the second day of the earthquake, many rescue efforts are in vain, as the airport at Port Au Prince, is not large enough to accommodate the swarm of aircraft with needed aid. An obvious impediment in any logistical effort is the fact that Haiti's already battered infrastructure is completely and mercifully decimated. It will take days of planning to get this herculean feat enacted. One may get used to seeing, hearing and reading about the many comparisons between Katrina and this earthquake in Haiti and between Bush and Obama, it will be important to keep in mind, that these efforts are based in lies and emotion not truth and independent thought. For one thing is certain, even if it takes five months for aid to effectively reach Haiti's needy, instead of the proverbial five days it supposedly took to reach those people in New Orleans, the portrait will be painted to illustrate Obama good, Bush bad. I am optimistic in the realization however, that Haiti has a better chance of becoming a first world nation, with first world credentials, reversing her turbulent history, than Obama and the Democrats have in winning reelection and holding on to power respectively.

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