Sunday, January 10, 2010

Harry Reid Has Always Been A Moron. What If Rush Had Said It?

In their book "Game Change," authors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann say Reid described then-candidate Obama as a "light-skinned" African American "with no Negro dialect" whom many voters would embrace. Silly me, I didn't know we couldn't say negro too. Either way, any excuse to bash Harry Reid is fine with me. I know one thing however, If any conservative or republican had said anything remotely close, the media would fan the flames night and day until Al Sharpton and Jesse Jerkson got up in a frenzy. I think they both went out of their way to prevent Rush Limbaugh from owning a minor share of a NFL team, they fabricated things Rush never said, yet they give Harry Reid a pass. Trent Lott, who was majority leader in the Senate, in 2002, merely praised Strom Thurmond, a democrat, who was once a segregationist, and the cries of racism and racist Republicans continued many months after he apologized endlessly. I'm not offended by what Reid said, I'm offended by the double standard. We all know that's how liberals see blacks anyway, liberals see blacks as inferiors who need white liberals to take care of them. Harry was just telling us what he really thinks. I would have a little respect for him if he had not apologized, why apologize for how your truly think. Sharpton, Jackson and their ilk are members of the Democrat plantation, along with 99% of blacks who continue to vote for Democrats, I think they must be beholden to those jerks, or it's just how the plantation system works. Some people are just so sensitive, like I said anything to bash a Democrat and I'm in, but I really hate the double standard where Conservatives are always portrayed to be the racists and black Conservatives are 'Uncle Toms', etc., I'm looking at all those black race hustlers, and I'm thinking, who's the Uncle Tom now? One more point, Reid is just being consistent with his party's official stance on blacks, how is what he said any different from Joe Biden's claim that we now have an articulate, clean black guy running for the president? These guys are consistent, so enough with the phony outrage. I just like to kick Democrat's when they're down.

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