Friday, January 8, 2010

Global Warming / Climate Change Adherents Still Pumping Hot Air.

Even with the Northern Hemisphere's record cold spells and heavy snow this winter, there are many still trying to convince us that these results are the result of climate change / global warming. One can't help but remember that the proponents and scientists, the high priests of this global warming religion, if you will, many times have stated that snow would be a thing of the past and icecaps would be melting everywhere causing islands to be covered over. Now that they look like the fools they are, they're trying to make any change in climate attributable to their global warming hoax. If it is cold in winter it's global warming if it's hot in summer it's global warming. This is a theory that simultaneously fits all events. Global warming is a hoax, it's adherents are displaced communists, socialist and all around loons. Determined to erase technological advances and more importantly, cut down the United States to size as a industrial powerhouse. Sadly we have many such adherents in Europe and legislatures across this land. It is high time we expose and ridicule them. Here is news from some of the most gullible global warming church members and let's all have a great laugh at their expense.

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