Sunday, January 24, 2010

For Democrats Last Week's Bad News Never Rains It Pours.

It was kept quiet, but it seems there have been another blow to liberalism and the Democrats. The Obama administration in association with the IRS and possibly the Justice Department were dealt a blow in their crusade to invade Americans with Swiss bank accounts privacy. The Administration has claimed their attack on American's privacy, is an attempt to locate tax cheats. The same party of liberals and Democrats whom were constantly preaching how Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld were imposing American values on other nations in our war on the Islamic terrorists, find it reasonable to coerce the Swiss government into betraying its values by using strong arm tactics to obtain data on Swiss bank accounts owned by American citizens. The same Democrats who find it repulsive to look into the bank records and finances of terrorist groups and individuals find no qualms into searching the finance activities of productive Americans. However, a Swiss court ruling, has now paved the way to impede the Obama Administration's to obtain data concerning Swiss bank account data. Here's a link from Bloomberg, read it and rejoice.

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