Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Five 'American' Jihadist Detained In Pakistan Claim Discrepancy Between Jihad And Terrorism.

A more sorry looking bunch of human beings I have never seen. Take a look at these pencil necked weasels, these guys want to wage war on us? I may be wrong here, but I would venture to wager, that these guys haven't gotten laid lately, well not by women. I think if I looked like these clowns maybe, just maybe, death by marine or ranger might be preferable to glancing into reflective surfaces. If we didn't have a bunch of geriatric metro-sexual testosterone deficient males representing us in congress and lately in the White House we could quit prolonging the inevitable and start waging war where we know it needs to be waged. Let's just forget political correctness, shall we? We should provoke twerps like this to action so we can demolish them. They want jihad we give them jihad. I've said it a number of times, if it were not for those sniveling Democrats and liberals, crying about Abu Grahib, torture, Rumsfeld, oil for blood and Guantanamo, we could have had Damascus and Tehran rebuilding from the rubble. After that we could get a little payback in Somalia and Lebanon. Then we prepare for the next ones. Anyway I digress, It is a revealing glimpse into the psyche of the Muslim, listening to these five ass clowns saying they're not terrorist, they are jihadist. Sure there is no difference between the two terms, not to us at least, the terrorist and the jihadist both want us dead and will shoot us, blow us up or behead us if given a chance. It's all semantics as they say. The Pakistani authorities are charging them with terrorism, which carries, in this case, a life sentence. I hope the Pakistani court wins. However, there are signs that these things have people looking out for their best interest, namely Interpol, whom I understand, form this report, wishes to have them repatriated to the United States. One must conclude that the US State Department, a noted foe of America, probably wants these refuse to be spared so they can succeed at some more opportune moment. Take a good look ladies and gentlemen of the United States of America, these are the people the Democrat libtards would have us submit and surrender to.

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