Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Democrats Plan To Hold On To Power By Any Means Necessary.

No one plays crooked politics as well as the Democrats, perhaps only Robert Mugabe and his outfit the ZANU-PF party can outdo these clowns. It seems our creepy Congress critters think they can have the American people under thumb without reprisal. According to John Fund, the Dems plan to unleash Universal Voter Registration that would wrest the responsibility from the states to oversee their own voter lists and put it under the command of the Federal Government, or some such rot. The new legislation will be sponsored by no less than two of the slimiest characters on Capitol Hill, namely, Chuck Schumer and Barney Frank. One may read an article from the American Thinker website here. How long do these usurpers of the law of the land believe their scheme will last? Even if they do succeed, their time will be short, leaving loss and vain imaginings in its wake. We are living in historic times folks, these are the ingredients of civil war and revolution.

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