Tuesday, January 12, 2010

China Claims Success In Missile Interception.

China is reporting that they have intercepted a missile in mid-flight using ground based missile interceptors, in a test of their air and missile defense system. Let's hope the Chinese missiles, interceptors and basically the whole Chinese war machine is built exactly the way they build their exportable consumer goods. Which, I don't have to tell anyone, is pretty poorly made. I had a Chinese made SKS rifle once and the damn thing kept falling to pieces, sure I'd patch it up again and get it back in good working order but i would hate to have it in the field in the heat of battle having it fall to pieces on me. Basically the Chinese workmanship is negligent in attention to detail, let's hope that tradition ensues in the building of weapons. According to Beijing, the missile test was to demonstrate their new military technological prowess, which their spies probably stole from the United States, to intimidate both Taiwan and us. They claim to be perturbed by our recent weapons sales to the small island to their south. If one can believe the tales of Communists, then yes this is a troubling sign, especially when there is no news of our unveiling any new intimidating military hardware to keep them wary. The Chinese are objecting to Taiwan's purchase of Patriot air and missile defense systems, to defend them from the over 1,300 missiles pointed at them from China. The Chinese may as well invade Taiwan now, as it is unlikely that this administration has the testicular fortitude or the will to honor any agreement to defend the robust island nation.

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