Saturday, January 16, 2010

Catolic Bishops Criticize Israel Again.

There's an article from the NY Times about a high-level delegation of Roman Catholic bishops criticizing Israeli polices in Arab sectors of Jerusalem calling for more contacts between ordinary Israelis and Palestinians.
Instead of worrying about how the poor little Muslims can't get through the barriers to kill innocent Jews, perhaps these Bishops should highlight how Christians are treated by Muslims is those said Arab sectors. Instead of highlighting the intolerance Christians face in Muslim Countries generally, and in so called Palestinian areas, specifically, these bishops wish to be politically correct while riding on the bash the Jews wagon. In the town of Bethlehem, one I'm sure bears significance with these bishops, It may well suit these critics to speak to local Christians, if there are any left alive. The Wall Street Journal, did a piece exposing the cloud of fear Arab Christians live under. Yet even while this very injustice against Christians occurs daily at the hands of Muslims there are loud cries condemning Israel for protecting her right to live and exist. Just days before Christmas there were similar cries form the top Roman Catholic clergyman in the Holy Land. The hypocrisy stinks to high heaven, revealing that these bishops are putrid cowards refusing to lay the blame where it belongs for fear of encountering Muslim rage and instead preferring to opt for Jewish outrage instead, as they know the latter are not savages. The Coptic Church in Egypt is learning a lesson that the Catholic and other Christian churches may soon learn well. The Coptic Christians of Egypt were motivated to persecute the many Jews who once populated Egypt until their expulsion during the 1950's, they turned on them in alliance with the Muslims until the Jews living there were either dead or expelled, now there are news reports coming out of Egypt, of Christians being persecuted by their once Islamic allies. Payback is a bitch, in this case a Muslim bitch and it will be interesting to witness the bishops of Catholicism reaction when they must come face to face with their foe, before they must come face to face with their creator. Jerusalem is for the Jews, and the Jews alone, Catholics have their Rome and the Muslims have their Mecca, are these cities not sufficient for them? Perhaps, they will only be satisfied once the Jews and Israel are finally pushed into the sea.

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