Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

All Men Are Born Free, But Everywhere They Are In Chains.

Before the American Revolutionary war, King George III and the British Parliament imposed taxes on the colonist, the colonist refused to pay, escalated civil disobedience and eventually waged war on the world superpower at the time, England. This story put in recent context, reveals the tyranny of the Democrats' plea that they do what they do for the rights of the people. They are forcing us to buy a product we do not wish to have, a tax in essence, and proving it a tax they use the IRS to enforce this new tax and dare us to boycott it. Americans have fought wars of independence for less than this, what makes the Idiot king and his congress think we can't or wont take similar stands eventually? We'll vote come November 2, 2010 but just as we fought tyranny in 1776 be prepared for self sacrificing men of liberty today as well, not just a warning to the left but a serious promise. Now, come do your worst.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Meet Daniel J. Benishek, M.D.

Meet the man who may be the most popular Republican this year, Dr. Daniel J. Benishek, M.D., who will be challenging Bart Stupak for Michigan 1st District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. It should be noted that Benishek's Facebook page had approximately 200 fans prior to Stupak's presser, at the end of Stupak's press conference, his fans numbered over 5,000, he now has supporters and fans numbering 16,370 and rising. One can only hope that the rage we're all feeling will simmer to an almost explosive boiling point come November, and we will put these aspiring tyrants out of work.

The Fall Of The Republic Has Begun.

These are historic times, indeed. The world, knowingly or not, may have just witnessed the fall of the Republic which still goes by the name, The United States. The Roman Republic possibly fell in a similar manner. The anger and helpless felt by many citizens of this once great nation, border on incitement of total bloody violence and outright war directed at the democrats, their supporters and the leftist in general. Our anger will fester and simmer, we'll wait until the November elections to strike the first blows, we may not be able to repeal the abominable socialist medicine bill because Obama will still be president and we may face opposition in the Senate if our majorities are lacking. We must continue to beat these bastards back until they are an irrelevant minority. We must also rid the Republican party of all the RINO's and so-called moderates, who are really liberals. This includes that feckless John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and the twins from Maine for starters. The only other alternative is an eventual civil war. Currently, America's enemies must be elated.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

25,000+ American Patriots At Kill The Bill Rally.

More than 25,000-40,000 people showed up to protest the socialized medicine bill in front of Capitol Hill today, as of this writing. It seems Congress and the Democrats will not budge until we wage a bloody violent revolutionary war, with them in the cross-hairs. Let's see how far they will push against the American spirit. God bless these brave Americans for doing the rest of us a great service, and perhaps the Democrats will heed the warning, or we'll have to re-introduce them to how we define liberty. Picture courtesy of Tabitha Hale.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Awaiting Iran's Downfall.

It is sad, when Israel, must go it alone, if at all, against the tyrannical regime of Iran. If and when Iran achieves nuclear weaponry, all parties involved, save Israel, will be judged. The Muslims and their Islamic god seem to be winning as the west keeps appeasing and Israel herself is under tremendous pressure from her many foes and fledgling allies, if any. Why should Israel rescue a world too cowardly to exist? Perhaps the west should harvest the crop sown from the seeds of cowardice, unfortunately Israel is also in the cross-hairs and may yet have to save the coward enablers from themselves once again. John Bolton, a man whom I greatly admire, and whom the Democrat party deemed an enemy, agrees that Israel should be thinking about a preemptive strike against the moronic Islamic regime.

Friday, February 5, 2010

NBC Serves Soul Food Minus Watermelons In Celebration Of Black History Month.

The above photograph is a cellphone photograph of NBC's cafeteria menu, allegedly celebrating black history month. I got this last night from a friend on twitter, as usual I didn't think it would be a big story, so I ignored it. Well I didn't quite ignore it, I replied that liberal blacks would be enraged because NBC apparently forgot to include the watermelons, if one is going to reinforce a stereotype one should reinforce it completely. If this were done by a conservative or conservative organization, the liberal, black, race mongers, would be inciting rebellions and demanding resignations, but because NBC is the mouthpiece of the Massas, of the Democrat party, liberal jigs know to keep their places and their mouths shut. As usual I'm not offended, it's the damned double standard and phony outrage by the liberal state run media and the black race hustlers, that is illustrative. I'm sure liberal blacks will be still tuning in to watch Rachael Madcow and Keith Overbite because everybody knows NBC's intention was not malicious and hell, even if they're offended, they'll know to STFU and know their place.

Of Shark Attacks & Islamic Terrorism.

This is going to sound crazy but bear with me, did the 2001 incessant reports of shark attacks, especially in the summer, have anything to do with terrorist coming ashore and falling prey to shark attacks? I remember news reports, constantly, during the spring and summer months in 2001, about sharks attacking all over. Then there was some report once, that al Qaeda wanted to launch attacks on American interests using mini subs and possibly underwater scooters. Here's a Google search of 2001 shark attacks, for those with short memories. At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy nut, I can't help trying to connect the dots, Time magazine on their July 30th, 2001 cover, declared it was, "The Summer Of The Shark", with this article. The reasons why I've recently decided to make my suspicions public, is I'd hate for someone else to make this connection while I just sat on it, plus, there have been several shark related events being reported recently, in succession and while I was looking for collaborating sources for this posts, I ran across this item in World Net Daily. There was also the story about the 38 year old man, a kite surfer, who was killed by a shark, off Stuart Beach, in Florida, while that may be in of itself strange, stranger still is another piece, describing hundreds of sharks being spotted off the coast of Palm Beach, even while the victim's body has since been recovered. Perhaps the sharks are directing us to clues, perhaps from their point of view, the waters off the coast of Florida, are rich with prey, from the terrorist species. I mean, these are men who would not think twice to blow up a girls school, what's a little infiltration into the belly of the great Satan beast, using underwater scooters and some scuba gear? It seems these sharks know a rich feeding ground, albeit a temporary one, when they see it, or else why would hundreds of them be suddenly patrolling the coastal beaches off Palm Beach? Here's another news item concerning terrorist usage of underwater scooters. One only has to search for the terms, underwater scooters and al qaeda, to see that such a notion might not be too far fetched. I remember being taught that sharks keep the ocean clean, if indeed, they are eating, the occasional invading terrorist, then the irony cannot be lost on anyone. The real question here though, is, why would terrorist need to clandestinely come ashore into the United States, considering we just love to let them in so freely? It's elementary, dear reader, they probably have a few radioactive materials to smuggle in, which may be used to create little explosive packages that will be no bigger than the space of an average car trunk or SUV. We'll just have to wait and see if that is so or not, but I have to admit, it's not such a half bad theory at that.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Attention China Now Is The Time To Invade Taiwan, No One Will Oppose You.

I'm pretty sure President Obama is a timid, frightened little girl trapped in a man's body. It would be interesting if the facade is also transparent to the Chinese Defense Ministry as if it were, they no doubt know by now that if there were ever a time for pretense or purpose to invade Taiwan now, this year could be now or never. Who will oppose them? Certainly not the women children that is the Democratic party, no offense to women and girls intended. The Dems have no fight in them, their only foe is the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I have at least one reader in Hong Kong, perhaps he/she could relate this pressing piece of intelligence to the boys in Beijing and we could get this war started now, as it will truly be smooth sailing.

We'll Return To The War On Muslim Terrorists, After These Weak Democrats.

This is the enemy that has been festering in Somalia, al Shabab, a well funded sharia inspired Wahabbi practicing terrorist organization that was established in 2007, when the Democrats assumed leadership of the Congress, which is possibly why they are being allowed to fester for so long, making Somalia an even more attractive terrorist petri dish than was Afghanistan. Members of al Shabab claim they hate white people and being jihadi guerrillas is a part of their religion. The Democrats in association with the feckless cowardly Obama Administration refuses to formulate any strategy to combat terrorist where they fester, instead of detering this behavior, their inaction in the horn of Africa, which includes Yemen, for this discussion, has made it both profitable in the form of the numerous pirating ventures in the region, and alluring to Muslims particularly in the United States. Instead of targeting Muslim terrorists at home and abroad with the fullest extent of the law, the Dems and their allies prefer to target Republicans, Conservatives and the American taxpayers. I can't say what Bush would have done, but I know what would make me happy. I want the crap bombed out of Somalia, Yemen, Iran and Syria and not necessarily in that order, I want Jihadi Muslims, an oxymoron I know, put on notice, that armed United States citizens at home an or abroad, will plug them full of holes willing to send them to Allah and the 72 year old virgins, if they even dream of terrorist acts against us. Instead the Dems, the Courts and some spineless Republican politicians, want to coddle these venomous vipers, granting them the hard won rights of American citizens complete with added circus styled show trials. The result of which is evident, disruptive Arab and or Muslim airplane passengers, mass importations of future jihadis from Muslim nations such as Somalia, replete with flaccid, all around impotence from the ever bloated Federal Government. Elections have consequences, we have an opportunity to rid ourselves of these cancerous lesions, namely the Democrats, the recent Muslim insurgency, and later the feckless less than womanly Obama Administration. Until then, it remains our god given right to be ever vigilant, in the face of these ravenous dogs, that we pay attention, be ever on guard for our lives and the lives of those we love, to be ready to combat them where they will meet us, and not be squeamish.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Who Is Ellie Light?

Apparently there have been some serious astroturfing sock puppetry going on regarding, presumably, the Obamacare debate in which a seemingly concerned, yet sympathetic to the Obama Administration, local writer to the editor, aparently has local homes all over the country, especially in large newspaper markets. I, admittedly glanced the references to Ellie Light on many a blog feed but since the name was not familiar to me, I merely disregarded it, therefore, I am pretty late to this little wreck. However, Brent Bozzell will hopefully clarify it for you as he somewhat did for me.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Somali Linked Muslims Rioting In Kenya Against Christians.

Just another typical day in the events of the Religion of Peace. Not that they would need a reason to cause a little mayhem, but Muslims in Nairobi, Kenya are "protesting" the very expensive deportation of Sheikh al-Faisal the Jamaican jihad cleric.

Good Riddance Senator McCain.

A great piece on what a piece of crap Senator McCain really is. He may have been a good American patriot, but he was a lousy senator and lacked any real character towards the end, if indeed, he really had any meaningful character. One only hopes he indeed, retires.

Oh My, It Cost The Kenyan Government $500,000+ To Deport Radical Jamaican Muslim Cleric.

Jamaican Hate monger Muslim cleric, Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal was reportedly, finally deported from Kenya on the Janurary 21st, at a cost of 40,000,000 Kenyan Schillings or approximately US$500,000. It would have probably been cheaper to incarcerate him. However, the good natured folks of Kenya Chartered al-Faisal, also known as Trevor William Forrest, his own personal GulfStream jet for the lengthy ride home to his native Jamaica.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Religion Of Peace Gives Rape Victim 101 Lashes Pardons Rapist.

A sixteen year old girl in Muslim Bangladesh, who was raped by a twenty year old man was further humiliated by being charged just for living and breathing one would imagine. The story is here, and is yet another reason why one should stay away from Islamic countries, unless one is heavily armed and reason enough for them to not be allowed among us.

Ethiopian Airlines Plane Crashes Into Sea After Beirut Take-Off

An Ethiopian Airlines plane vanished off radar screens soon after take-off from Beirut, Lebanon's Rafik Hariri International Airport early this morning. There were reportedly 90 passengers and crew aboard. It is not sure as yet if terrorism was the cause.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

For Democrats Last Week's Bad News Never Rains It Pours.

It was kept quiet, but it seems there have been another blow to liberalism and the Democrats. The Obama administration in association with the IRS and possibly the Justice Department were dealt a blow in their crusade to invade Americans with Swiss bank accounts privacy. The Administration has claimed their attack on American's privacy, is an attempt to locate tax cheats. The same party of liberals and Democrats whom were constantly preaching how Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld were imposing American values on other nations in our war on the Islamic terrorists, find it reasonable to coerce the Swiss government into betraying its values by using strong arm tactics to obtain data on Swiss bank accounts owned by American citizens. The same Democrats who find it repulsive to look into the bank records and finances of terrorist groups and individuals find no qualms into searching the finance activities of productive Americans. However, a Swiss court ruling, has now paved the way to impede the Obama Administration's to obtain data concerning Swiss bank account data. Here's a link from Bloomberg, read it and rejoice.

Will The Jets Usher In The Apocalypse?

The New York Jets are in the AFC divisional title game for the first time since 1999, where the Denver Broncos handed us our head with a 23-10 drubbing. As a Jets fan I am very hopeful but extremely pessimistic, as usual I expect to be immensely depressed and will have to turn to long hours at the beach and strenuous exercise for the next five months to heal. I just think I will forever doubt this franchise until they bring home the gold. I think they loose this game, but I also thought they would loose all their playoff games and I was happily proven wrong. If I were a betting man, I would have to bet for a Jets loss while somehow keeping my fingers crossed. Hey, if I start predicting Jets wins I may jinx them already. Plus, my brain tells me the Colts are a better football team, they have a better quarterback, a better offense and their defense is underrated. I would love to be wrong on this and we will see who the victor will be come 18:30.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Last Jew Standing.

A sad tale of diminishing Jewish heritage, to be found here. I wrote about them here, I'm happy to see I'm not the only one thinking about this community and it saddens me that in as short as one generation, they may no longer exist. It is also good that if they must no longer exist it is by their own hand and not by their more traditional foes.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Democrats Down.

It's been a great week politically for us on the right, Scott Brown's most happy wreck of the Democrat's delusions of unending power, the rats abandoning the ship Obama, the futile spinning by the state run media organizations, the SCOTUS smashing that wretched Mclame Foolsgold bill and that farce of a radio network, Air America have left the airwaves filing chapter 7 bankruptcy. Oh, if only NPR could follow suit, but I dream. I haven't felt this good since the Clinton impeachment hearings. Now, I'm not giddy enough to believe the Democrats learned any lessons here, quite the contrary, I expect them to do their utmost best to continue to cut the country down to third world status with the little time they have left to make us miserable. I also expect them to start talking about bi-partisanship and feigning epiphany while secretly cursing our names and plotting our eternal demise. Those poor hapless Democrats with 256 house members to the republicans 178 and with 58 senate seats to the republican 40, how will they lead with such unsatisfactory majorities? If Chuck U Schumer is against it, then I'm for it, and vice versa. The Supreme Court rarely gets it right but smacking down the Mclame Foolsgold anti free speech bill was a good start. It is always horrifying to note that four justices also believe in curtailing free speech as well, including wise Latina Sotomayor. I'll be enjoying this week lovingly as I know there can't be too many more like this but I will always contend, that it is always good to kick Democrats while they're down.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown Wins Massachusetts Senate Seat In Special Election.

One would be surprised to know, how many people in this nation, didn't know about this senate race or even cared. Not us however, we watched it ever so cautiously and I think it may be safe to say that the New York Jets, in light of this unlikely Republican taking a US Senate seat in blue Massachusetts, may indeed be Super Bowl champions if they can get by the Indianapolis Colts. No stranger occurrences may even remotely upstage this one. I'm not sure what reaction the Democrats will have, however, but I'm quite sure it will take the form of them circling the wagons with the intention of pissing us off at full blast. What this means to the uninitiated, is that now the Democrats have 59 Senators to the Republican 41, which gives the Republicans, if they can remain united, the ability to block the many bills that are not in the country's best interest. It is said that Scott Brown is Pro Choice, or more accurately Pro Abortion, but I wont hold it against him just yet, I mean, come on, what do you expect from a Republican coming out of New England? I'm always in favor of kicking the Democrats when they're down, thus I will savor this victory. Therefore, we congratulate the newly elected Senator Scott Brown and may he aid us in curtailing the Democrat's left wing agenda, until the Calvary can get here in November.

Jihad Has Got Him On The Run.

Meet Anwar al-Awlaki, he's an American born Islamic cleric accused of ties to al Qaeda and thus terrorism. He is believed to be linked to the jihadi who murdered troops at Ft. Hood, the Christmas Day pantie bomber and may well have inspired jihad through his sermons. Now admittedly, fiery sermons do fall under the first amendment, does it not? It's kind of hard to arrest a man because he says or implies that he's thinking mass murder, under our system of rights. I may hate guys like this but freedom of speech is freedom of speech. We must have more evidence on this clown. I don't know what the FBI or whomever has, in as much as evidence on this dude, and truth be know I'm usually in favor of guys like him getting whacked for general purposes, however, he did flee to Yemen which may or may not point to guilt. Whatever, guys in favor of jihad against the West, generally, and the United States, particularly, are our enemies, especially when they act upon it. Is it enough or even legal to arrest a man for his speeches to upend our system? I'm pretty sure it isn't. I may hate this guy and others like him for my own petty bigoted reasons, but I'm pretty sure we need to charge them for a heck of a lot more than just their speech. Unless the evidence against him is top secret I don't think the government has any case against this guy, not constitutionally. So what do we do in the face of these revelations? Legally we can't stop a man from making incendiary CD's, videos and literature, and hold to our beliefs in the rights of man. What does one do when one knows there is the potential danger of someones, albeit free but incendiary speech, potentially influencing others into murderous action? We're not speaking of a crowded theater with someone yelling fire here, we're speaking of someone disseminating information in private, in various media formats and in public when invited, by like minded folks. What strategy can be taken to combat these acts, and how can it be done legally. I'm in no way defending this clown or others like him, but it is not our way to waste scum like this because of what they say, no matter how offensive, my point is, how can we catch them in the act if all we have to go on is their god given right to free speech? This is the dilemma faced by free people everywhere, when in the face of an enemy declaring war on them, refuses to reciprocate accordingly with meaningful strategy that may indeed, temporarily, bruise constitutional norms. It is not, I believe, possible for one side to wage a mindless, bloody, offensive war, while the other side wages a defensive legal battle to counter it. Our constitution, while enlightening in the abundant rights of man, is by no means a signpost for our own suicide pact, and there must be rules of war to preserve both us and our notion of our rights. What will it take for us to get serious about our self preservation, must it present itself in a mushroom cloud, more acts of terrorism, in times and places where one would least expect, or is it a lack of will and or cowardice on the part of those whom we charge to make these decisions, or our own? We better find out quickly, because our enemies grow within our shores, relentlessly pursuing their goals to our total submission or death, while being sponsored by our many enemies abroad.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

UnFreaking Believable!

Get your disaster preparedness kits ready people, what happened in Haiti is just a prelude to what is to come. The apocalypse is nigh! Run for your lives. The NY Jets is only one game away from playing in the Super Bowl. If the Jets somehow, someway, pull it off in Indianapolis, we may well be living in the very last days. Be afraid, be very afraid. That is all.

Will The Jets Astonish Or Go Down In Defeat?

As a longtime NY Jets fan, I predict an uncompromising, merciless drubbing at the hands of the San Diego Chargers. I expect to wake up tomorrow with that nauseatingly, heartbreaking agony that one gets when one's love decides that he or she, needs more space, or just totally does not want to continue in the relationship. I expect to be spending every sunny day at the beach after this defeat, staring over the horizon wondering what could have been.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Catolic Bishops Criticize Israel Again.

There's an article from the NY Times about a high-level delegation of Roman Catholic bishops criticizing Israeli polices in Arab sectors of Jerusalem calling for more contacts between ordinary Israelis and Palestinians.
Instead of worrying about how the poor little Muslims can't get through the barriers to kill innocent Jews, perhaps these Bishops should highlight how Christians are treated by Muslims is those said Arab sectors. Instead of highlighting the intolerance Christians face in Muslim Countries generally, and in so called Palestinian areas, specifically, these bishops wish to be politically correct while riding on the bash the Jews wagon. In the town of Bethlehem, one I'm sure bears significance with these bishops, It may well suit these critics to speak to local Christians, if there are any left alive. The Wall Street Journal, did a piece exposing the cloud of fear Arab Christians live under. Yet even while this very injustice against Christians occurs daily at the hands of Muslims there are loud cries condemning Israel for protecting her right to live and exist. Just days before Christmas there were similar cries form the top Roman Catholic clergyman in the Holy Land. The hypocrisy stinks to high heaven, revealing that these bishops are putrid cowards refusing to lay the blame where it belongs for fear of encountering Muslim rage and instead preferring to opt for Jewish outrage instead, as they know the latter are not savages. The Coptic Church in Egypt is learning a lesson that the Catholic and other Christian churches may soon learn well. The Coptic Christians of Egypt were motivated to persecute the many Jews who once populated Egypt until their expulsion during the 1950's, they turned on them in alliance with the Muslims until the Jews living there were either dead or expelled, now there are news reports coming out of Egypt, of Christians being persecuted by their once Islamic allies. Payback is a bitch, in this case a Muslim bitch and it will be interesting to witness the bishops of Catholicism reaction when they must come face to face with their foe, before they must come face to face with their creator. Jerusalem is for the Jews, and the Jews alone, Catholics have their Rome and the Muslims have their Mecca, are these cities not sufficient for them? Perhaps, they will only be satisfied once the Jews and Israel are finally pushed into the sea.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Special Elections For Massachusetts Senate Seat May Deliver Democrats A Message.

A Republican winning a senate seat in Liberal Blue Massachusetts? This is akin to the New York Jets winning the Super Bowl this year, that is, the apocalypse cannot be afar off. The Jets will have their opportunity come Sunday, to decide if they will advance closer to the championship and only themselves to rely on to reach that goal. On Tuesday January 19th, 2010, Scott Brown, the Republican candidate running for the senate seat formally held by Ted Kennedy, will have to rely on the good sense of the Massachusetts electorate. Brown, if successful, will be that state's first Republican Senator in a generation, that's thirty years for you Columbia alum. I'm preparing a disaster readiness kit just in case either of these two events occur, in the case of the Jets, if they win on Sunday it's time to get the kit ready. The Democrats will have to break out the dead people vote for this one, and I'm sure to include popcorn in my disaster preparedness kit, this is going to be a most happy wreck.

Here Comes The Katrina vs. Haiti Comparisons.

Ever the predictable ones, the state run media, are making it appear that Obama and his administration's, approach to the Haitian earthquake, will not be making the alleged mistakes made by Bush in dealing with the hurricane Katrina crisis. Here is one of the many news articles to come, from the forever in the tank, Associated Press, claiming, Obama heeding lessons of Katrina. The lessons he's allegedly heeding must be secret in nature, as it was not disclosed in the article. We'll be waiting breathlessly for the follow up piece. If one pays attention to the media reports concerning the rescue operation in Haiti, one would have the sense that there is help already on the ground and the crisis is being handled at this very moment, some two days since, and the natives are all, and will, be fed, drunk, housed and rescued come sundown. However, there are murmurs, the fine print of a hint, that this so called rescue, to dwarf the perceived 'bungling' of Katrina attempts, isn't yet off the ground. While this fact that an undertaking such as this is monumental, understandably difficult, why the phony glory portraying some conquering lion as seemingly, walking on water, healing the sick, feeding the hungry and giving drink to the thirsty? It's a fraud, one may find many stories from the same state run media outlets, the unofficial public relations arm of the Democrat party, proving that there are many obstacles, just as in Katrina, that have yet to be overcome before any aid reaches any sizable afflicted population. Here are but a few headlines, one may or may not be privy to, from the Wall Street Journal, the headline is, "Aid Efforts Face Obstacles in Quake-Ravaged Capital Damaged Port, Devastated Capital Add to the Hurdles; U.S. Military, Relief Groups Struggle With Communications.", from the Miami Herald, "Haiti's western towns left ruined and isolated; USS Vinson arrives." These are only two examples, but I may include more to prove a point. For the uninitiated, when an earthquake does occur, roads are damaged, underground pipes are burst, thus causing floods, trees, power lines, poles , buildings and all manner of obstructive elements abound, to block relief. I've heard that it took five days for relief to reach the victims of Katrina, not that, that's important, Katrina was first and foremost a failure of Louisiana's sovereign representatives and leadership. The message many on the left would have us believe is that we should all, all of us, from the Governor of Louisiana, the Mayor of New Orleans on down, assume the fetal position and play dead until FEMA rolls in with the Calvary to help us help ourselves. In other words in typical nanny state fashion, abdicate one's role in ones own self preservation and leave it to the all knowing government to rescue us, after all they owe us that much, right? This being the second day of the earthquake, many rescue efforts are in vain, as the airport at Port Au Prince, is not large enough to accommodate the swarm of aircraft with needed aid. An obvious impediment in any logistical effort is the fact that Haiti's already battered infrastructure is completely and mercifully decimated. It will take days of planning to get this herculean feat enacted. One may get used to seeing, hearing and reading about the many comparisons between Katrina and this earthquake in Haiti and between Bush and Obama, it will be important to keep in mind, that these efforts are based in lies and emotion not truth and independent thought. For one thing is certain, even if it takes five months for aid to effectively reach Haiti's needy, instead of the proverbial five days it supposedly took to reach those people in New Orleans, the portrait will be painted to illustrate Obama good, Bush bad. I am optimistic in the realization however, that Haiti has a better chance of becoming a first world nation, with first world credentials, reversing her turbulent history, than Obama and the Democrats have in winning reelection and holding on to power respectively.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Earthquake Rocks The Island Of Hispaniola.

At approximately 15:53 EST, 3:53pm for you civilian types, a powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocked the western part of the island, Hispaniola, devastating the capital of the country Haiti. Thousands are feared dead and news out of the area is limited as the power is out, cellphone towers have been toppled and what little telecommunication facilities that exist in the impoverished nation have seemingly been compromised. It may be sometime in the morning before news begins to trickle out and an accurate portrait of the situation on the ground can be assessed. No word have been received of whether the other nation on the island, The Dominican Republic received any damage or deaths.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fox News Parent Company, News Corporation Has Terror Ties.

Debbie Schlussel has long since sounded the alarm that Fox News' Parent Company News Corporation, (News Corp), have long since been part owned by Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. It seems that Al-Waleed also finances terrorist defenders CAIR as well. I never watch CNN, MSNBC or any other network news anyway and I just watch Fox to see the legs of their various hot women anchors. Fox however, is on notice and will only be watched muted, in this household, while I admire the perfect choices made in the human resources office.

US Dollar Now On Par With Canadian And Australian Currencies.

The greenback has been at par with the Canadian Dollar for several months now but the Australian currency will be equal for the first time in over a generation. Great for them not so hot for us. Business Week has the whole story.

Navy Set To Court Martial Two Seals Because Of Political Correctness.

This story pisses me off. These Navy Seals better be found not guilty, I hope they did punch the crap out of that ass clown, they should rejoin their unit, if that's what they still want to do and drive on to punch the snot out of whomever they damn well choose.

Iranian Nuclear Scientist Allegedly Assassinated.

A report coming out of Iran, is stating that one of their nuclear scientists was allegedly killed by a remote controlled motorcycle bomb, parked outside his house. They're blaming the assassination on the Israelis and the Americans. Let's hope they're correct on either or both counts. One can only hope that this will be an ongoing trend of sabotage aimed at the Iranians' ambition for regional hegemony.

China Claims Success In Missile Interception.

China is reporting that they have intercepted a missile in mid-flight using ground based missile interceptors, in a test of their air and missile defense system. Let's hope the Chinese missiles, interceptors and basically the whole Chinese war machine is built exactly the way they build their exportable consumer goods. Which, I don't have to tell anyone, is pretty poorly made. I had a Chinese made SKS rifle once and the damn thing kept falling to pieces, sure I'd patch it up again and get it back in good working order but i would hate to have it in the field in the heat of battle having it fall to pieces on me. Basically the Chinese workmanship is negligent in attention to detail, let's hope that tradition ensues in the building of weapons. According to Beijing, the missile test was to demonstrate their new military technological prowess, which their spies probably stole from the United States, to intimidate both Taiwan and us. They claim to be perturbed by our recent weapons sales to the small island to their south. If one can believe the tales of Communists, then yes this is a troubling sign, especially when there is no news of our unveiling any new intimidating military hardware to keep them wary. The Chinese are objecting to Taiwan's purchase of Patriot air and missile defense systems, to defend them from the over 1,300 missiles pointed at them from China. The Chinese may as well invade Taiwan now, as it is unlikely that this administration has the testicular fortitude or the will to honor any agreement to defend the robust island nation.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Oil Above $83 As Dollar Falls Because Of Jobs Report.

Get ready for higher prices for petrol, and everything else related to it, including higher shipping costs for food and everything else. The dollar fell against the Euro and the Yen as traders bet the Fed will raise interest rates after last week's jobs report. Also, China has supplanted the United States as the world's biggest auto market, which makes sense since their population is at least four times our own. However, higher taxes and government interference, into business practices, coupled with a high minimum wage and perceived looming taxation will continue to keep the job situation stagnant, at best. Which is just what the Democrats want. The minimum wage should be rolled back to $5.15 per hour. When America hired a majority of Democrats in 2006, to run the congress, their first plan to sabotage the economy was the raising of the minimum wage, under the guise of helping the poor, many unthinking Republicans voted along with them fearing their own chances for reelection, and paid the price anyway. Raising the minimum wage has only helped to hurt those it was allegedly intended to help. The result is evident today. Who will have the brass ones to roll the minimum wage back?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Harry Reid Has Always Been A Moron. What If Rush Had Said It?

In their book "Game Change," authors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann say Reid described then-candidate Obama as a "light-skinned" African American "with no Negro dialect" whom many voters would embrace. Silly me, I didn't know we couldn't say negro too. Either way, any excuse to bash Harry Reid is fine with me. I know one thing however, If any conservative or republican had said anything remotely close, the media would fan the flames night and day until Al Sharpton and Jesse Jerkson got up in a frenzy. I think they both went out of their way to prevent Rush Limbaugh from owning a minor share of a NFL team, they fabricated things Rush never said, yet they give Harry Reid a pass. Trent Lott, who was majority leader in the Senate, in 2002, merely praised Strom Thurmond, a democrat, who was once a segregationist, and the cries of racism and racist Republicans continued many months after he apologized endlessly. I'm not offended by what Reid said, I'm offended by the double standard. We all know that's how liberals see blacks anyway, liberals see blacks as inferiors who need white liberals to take care of them. Harry was just telling us what he really thinks. I would have a little respect for him if he had not apologized, why apologize for how your truly think. Sharpton, Jackson and their ilk are members of the Democrat plantation, along with 99% of blacks who continue to vote for Democrats, I think they must be beholden to those jerks, or it's just how the plantation system works. Some people are just so sensitive, like I said anything to bash a Democrat and I'm in, but I really hate the double standard where Conservatives are always portrayed to be the racists and black Conservatives are 'Uncle Toms', etc., I'm looking at all those black race hustlers, and I'm thinking, who's the Uncle Tom now? One more point, Reid is just being consistent with his party's official stance on blacks, how is what he said any different from Joe Biden's claim that we now have an articulate, clean black guy running for the president? These guys are consistent, so enough with the phony outrage. I just like to kick Democrat's when they're down.

The Magic That Is Global Warming, One Size Fits All.

I know I have exhausted this topic like China exhausts her coal supplies this winter but I really couldn't let this little treasure go untapped. China is having the worst winter since 1951 officials claim, trains were reportedly stopped in their tracks, there have been shortages of coal, power cuts, because of coal shortages, massive airport closures, airport scheduling disruptions and just general misery. I distinctly remember president Obama mentioning how far ahead of us, China, Germany and Japan were, in the energy department, when he was pimping his 'green jobs' fantasy. Here a link for those of us with short attention spans. He claimed they were racing ahead of us, it seems those green jobs and green energy mechanisms probably only work well in the tropics and in the minds of people like the president. I was hoping someone in the article would blame this years winter weather on global warming, but alas, I read it several times and couldn't find such a statement. What I did find however, was an op-ed column by that ass clown Thomas L. Friedman, you know him, the guy who's always traveling to these exotic lands telling us how more advanced everyone is, in comparison to us. Well he's allegedly in China, his column states it. Read it, if you can stomach this mans smug superiority. He claims to be in China and how well ahead of us they are in what he calls, their "green leap forward", pretty much what his bud Obama said. He did mention China's ambition to build many nuclear power plants, without mentioning that dictatorships such as China can build all the nuclear power plants they want because they just kill the environmentalists who dare get it their way. He doesn't factor in the environmental zealots on our side who try to shut down the few nuclear power units we do have, let alone have us build new ones. If you search the the article there's no mention of snow, winter, power outages or any number of travails the Chinese are experiencing at this very moment, just his customary American bashing. I can only pray that if he is indeed, in China, his hotel gets it's power turned off and the hotel's generator is out of order, there is an interruption with the gas heating system and he has to use whatever hardcover books available to keep his fat ass warm. What a jerk and what a joke. I know it's cold here, but we have no shortages of things and means to keep warm, what we do lack is honesty and common sense in government. Take a look at China and her alleged giant green leap and peer in our own future, if we allow these idiots who represent us, to destroy our economy further, relegating us to equality in misery.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Egypt vs. Hamas.

This from the Jerusalem Post, Hamas: "Egypt has declared war on us". Boo fricking hoo, break out the popcorn for this one. Let's hope it escalates. This is what's called a win win situation. This makes me a tad nostalgic for the good old days when Iraq and Iran would go at it and when the CIA had the balls to cause a little destabilization. Oh, well, if you want something done, you gotta do it yourself.

Jihadist Now Have Their Own Predator Drones.

Our operatives in the field caught sight of the latest Jihadi Drone Technology and we expect to be seeing these on the battlefield soon.

The Fargin Jets Win 24-14

The Fargin Jets are going to the next round. I was sure they couldn't pull it off. There is no way the Jets are going to the Super Bowl, if they do, I'm telling you, the apocalypse can't be too far off. I've been a Jets fan for many decades, I don't want to date myself, but football fans can understand my pessimism, even with tonight's excellent news. Go Jets!

Palestinian Doctor On Martyr's Video Says First Strike Against US.

Something to think about if your doctor has one of those funny names. He claims this is just the first wave of many attacks directed our way, that may explain why so many Muslims on aircraft can't behave themselves. Perhaps these disruptive airline passengers are part of an elaborate distraction to take the gullible FBI and the rest of the bureaucrats off their real target. Only time will tell. However, is it not high time we start importing more of these clowns into our country? They're like money, you just can't have enough.

The New York Jets Are Trying To Lose Play-Off Game.

It's not looking well for Gang Green today, I'm just coming back from the beach, so I'm a little late but so far we're behind Cincinnati Bengals 7-0 at time of this posting. Will have thoughts at end of game. I think we will loose this one as we're playing like crap. Just missed a touchdown perfect throw by Sanchez went through Braylon Edwards' hands.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Chuck Premeirs Sunday January 10th, 2010 @ 9pm/Eastern (2100Hrs.)

Chuck's season premier will be on this Sunday @ 9pm., also it resumes it's regular time slot on Monday @ 8pm, so Chuck fans get 2 nights of Chuck and the gang.

Here's A Good Reason Why Westerners Should Stay Out Of Muslim Countries.

Here's a story where westerners should be warned. You think with all the news about the injustices and depravity illustrating Islamic societies, over the past forty years, western nationals would tend to stay clear of such lands. I know I'll never put myself to such a disadvantage unless I'm deployed to war against them. Imagine being raped in Dubai, informing the police of said rape and getting jailed for it. Well that's what happened in 'civilized' Dubai, one of our Muslim allies. These guys sure make it easy to despise them. One can only assume that this is not an isolated incident.

Global Warming / Climate Change Adherents Still Pumping Hot Air.

Even with the Northern Hemisphere's record cold spells and heavy snow this winter, there are many still trying to convince us that these results are the result of climate change / global warming. One can't help but remember that the proponents and scientists, the high priests of this global warming religion, if you will, many times have stated that snow would be a thing of the past and icecaps would be melting everywhere causing islands to be covered over. Now that they look like the fools they are, they're trying to make any change in climate attributable to their global warming hoax. If it is cold in winter it's global warming if it's hot in summer it's global warming. This is a theory that simultaneously fits all events. Global warming is a hoax, it's adherents are displaced communists, socialist and all around loons. Determined to erase technological advances and more importantly, cut down the United States to size as a industrial powerhouse. Sadly we have many such adherents in Europe and legislatures across this land. It is high time we expose and ridicule them. Here is news from some of the most gullible global warming church members and let's all have a great laugh at their expense.

FBI Arrests Two Peaceful Men In NYC Bomb Plot.

Two Methodist were arrested by the FBI in an ongoing investigation. They will be tried as criminals and not enemy combatants, which means they may possibly be exonerated to try again.

Gun Control Run Amok. Israeli Backpacker Arrested Because Cartridge Found In Luggage.

Common Sense has been abandoned by one and all and now madness has taken reign on all our senses. This from the Jerusalem Posts.

The Democrats Have No Time To Fight Islamic Terrorists, The American Way Of Life Is Their Real Enemy.

The Democrat's motto must be " After we stamp out freedom and liberty, then we will submit to tyranny." We really should not be so hard on the Democrats and their supporters, we all know the real enemies of the nation are the Conservatives, Israel and right wing broadcasters.

Al-Faisal Deported To Gambia.

We will be hearing from this dude again. Kenyan officials finally found a country and an airline that would take al-Faisal closer to his home. Gambian officials have agreed to help. One should hope those Gambian authorities keep a sharp eye out for this one, since the population is ninety percent (90%) Muslim, and surrounded by Senegal another country with a majority Muslim population (94%), he may just get lost. We will be keeping tabs on Mr. al-Faisal. This has the makings of a jihadi soap opera. However, don't just take my word for it look it up or read one out of many articles here.

Terrorist Using The Insanity Plea.

His Name is Mansor Mohammad Asad, of course The FBI claims this isn't terrorism, presumably we may also rule out a dry run. There have been many Muslim, Arab, Palestinian types flexing their muscles lately, haven't there? Seems like they feel comfortable and fearless, or perhaps, like the lot of them, they are all mad. Well mad or not I'm still on my guard. There are still apologists out there who continually defend these people. I would hope that come tomorrow, when he appears in court, there is evidence of a vicious clobbering, but knowing the infectious fecklessness that's going around these days, I'm afraid he may be a jailhouse celebrity. I hope I'm wrong.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Women Of The Republican Party Have The Most Courage.

Any Questions?

Funny Nexus One Parody.

Not safe for work and the kids should leave the room.

Yemen We Hardly Knew Thee.

Are we so myopic as a culture and people to just be reactive instead of geared for action? Even after the 2000 terrorist bombing of the USS Cole, by al-Qaeda, in the port city of Aden, Yemen, many Americans, especially the state run media outfits, continue to act as if they were oblivious to Yemen's importance as a source of terrorism. Yemen has been in the news forever, when, during the 1980's, there was wanton poaching of the black rhinoceros, it was Yemen that provided the market for the rhinos' tusks, to be used to make the handle of the Yemeni dagger or Jambiya. Okay, the only part of this story I didn't know was the name of the dagger and I'm a moron. Yet, seemingly intelligent government officials are pretending, or not, how surprising it is to discover this new front of terror. Yemen has been a basket case for nearly two generations. Prior to the 1950's there were 50,000 Jews living in Yemen, today there are little more than 200 Jews to be found there and they are being persecuted and dozens are being forced to convert to Islam. There were and are efforts by many Jewish organizations to relocate these people, for their own sake, yet many refuse or are reluctant to leave for fear they will loose all they posses. As recently as one year ago, a Jew named Moshe Yaish al-Nahari, was murdered, shot in the street near his home because he refused to convert to peaceful Islam. Will the state run media operations feign ignorance when a jihadist from London, a worse breeding ground for terrorist, than even Yemen, succeeds in performing a terrorist act on an aircraft bound for our shores? Will they pretend not to know that rabid jihadist walk, plan and plot freely in Britain, while we allow the citizens of that nation to enter without visas? Britain is and have been a staunch ally, but they refuse to combat this scourge of malcontents infesting their very being. Yemen's role as a producer of our enemies is not a new one but an ongoing sign of who and what our enemy is. The west must be forced to combat these enemies instead of coddling them, for not doing so, is tantamount to suicide and in committing thus, then is the time we may say we are no better than our enemies.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Five 'American' Jihadist Detained In Pakistan Claim Discrepancy Between Jihad And Terrorism.

A more sorry looking bunch of human beings I have never seen. Take a look at these pencil necked weasels, these guys want to wage war on us? I may be wrong here, but I would venture to wager, that these guys haven't gotten laid lately, well not by women. I think if I looked like these clowns maybe, just maybe, death by marine or ranger might be preferable to glancing into reflective surfaces. If we didn't have a bunch of geriatric metro-sexual testosterone deficient males representing us in congress and lately in the White House we could quit prolonging the inevitable and start waging war where we know it needs to be waged. Let's just forget political correctness, shall we? We should provoke twerps like this to action so we can demolish them. They want jihad we give them jihad. I've said it a number of times, if it were not for those sniveling Democrats and liberals, crying about Abu Grahib, torture, Rumsfeld, oil for blood and Guantanamo, we could have had Damascus and Tehran rebuilding from the rubble. After that we could get a little payback in Somalia and Lebanon. Then we prepare for the next ones. Anyway I digress, It is a revealing glimpse into the psyche of the Muslim, listening to these five ass clowns saying they're not terrorist, they are jihadist. Sure there is no difference between the two terms, not to us at least, the terrorist and the jihadist both want us dead and will shoot us, blow us up or behead us if given a chance. It's all semantics as they say. The Pakistani authorities are charging them with terrorism, which carries, in this case, a life sentence. I hope the Pakistani court wins. However, there are signs that these things have people looking out for their best interest, namely Interpol, whom I understand, form this report, wishes to have them repatriated to the United States. One must conclude that the US State Department, a noted foe of America, probably wants these refuse to be spared so they can succeed at some more opportune moment. Take a good look ladies and gentlemen of the United States of America, these are the people the Democrat libtards would have us submit and surrender to.

HP Is Making First Touchscreen Netbook, Price Is Under $400.

This being the week of the CES, I feel obliged, since I'm following it in detail, to highlight the gadgets I think I'd like to play with. HP will be unveiling the first touchscreen netbook, the netbook being a micro laptop, was pioneered by Asus several years ago and are quite popular because of the median price range. One can assume that in the future all netbook manufacturers will be implementing this feature.

Can Anyone Get This Story Straight? Airlines Refuse To Fly al-Faisal Home.

Well it seemed Jamaican Muslim cleric, Abdullah al-Faisal, was refused entry into Tanzania. Perhaps, a Tanzanian official must have read my posts here, here, here and here. One may assume that Tanzania didn't want to be the latest member of the 'terror prone' list of nations. Not that that would happen anytime soon, as, even if they had admitted him, our national security team would not be aware of it or even give it a second thought, unless we had another Jihadi with a bomb in his knickers, arriving from Tanzania, in the commission of a terrorist act. It seems earlier reports of his deportation were premature, therefore, since no news agency can get this story straight, I think it is my duty to indulge henceforth, in rumor. It is rumored that al-Faisal is detained at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, where it is also rumored, that no airline wants to fly him home.

Consumer Electronics Show.

The Consumer Electronic Show is currently occurring in Las Vegas and being an undercover geek, this peaks my interest, plus Natali is kinda hot. Enjoy and h/t to cnet for letting me embed this video.

Eye Candy.

Take a look at the most popular gadget for this news cycle, the Nexus One, Google's latest smartphone. It's going for a little under $600 unlocked, or under $200 with a T-mobile 2 or 3 year service agreement.

Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal Deported To Tanzania.

Can we now add Tanzania and Zanzibar to the list of 'terror-prone' nations? This guy doesn't want to go to Jamaica now does he? According to two sources thus far Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal has been driven to a Kenya Tanzania border check point and deported from Kenya. He is now free to board a flight to the Netherlands with a connecting flight to Chicago where he will become the new leader of the Nation of Islam. Okay, I made that last part up, but with this crew in Washington D.C., would it be all that surprising? Here's a link from a Kenyan source, and another from Radio Netherlands.

Jamaican Born Muslim al-Faisal Thrown Under The Jamaican Bus.

Talk about your regrets. I bet the west doesn't seem so badly now huh pal? Religion of peace proponent, reputedly controversial, Sheik Abdullah al-Faisal seems to be a man now soon to be without a country. Sure Jamaica will have to take him in, but it seems he wasn't too popular on the Muslim street of the island in the sun. This, According to the Jamaican Observer, reveals that the Islamic Council of Jamaica have blocked him from preaching in any of their affiliated mosques. This guy must be a real sweetheart. I'm guessing we have room for this guy here, don't be surprised to see this guy hanging out with Louis Farrakhan sometime in the near future. Who knows, could we be looking at the future leader of the Nation of Islam? Historic times people, historic times. One question keeps poking me, is where does an ex-con deported back to the third world Jihadi cleric get the money to travel to several countries in Africa? According to Kenyan officials, he was in Nigeria which is the West coast of that massive continent, then to South Africa who knows where else, then he sneaks into Kenya, which is on the east coast of Africa, through a road border crossing in Tanzania. That's a lot of loot. One can only speculate as to how he came by such funds, maybe a little cultivation of Jamaica's cash crop? Oh well, one of life's mysteries. Be on the lookout for this fellow, it is obvious Jamaica is not quite big enough for him.