Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The United States Is No Longer A Representative Republic.

The United States Constitution has been turned upside down with the wording of the so called health care reform bill, and not a peep from the press. It has come to the attention of people who care about liberty, that the bill coming out of the Senate needs a super majority to be repealed. That's not constitutional, why would the democrats see fit to include such blatant anti democratic wording when they know the majority of the electorate does not want this bill? Only dictators use such wording and tactics to achieve their means. The sad part about this is that even if parts of this bill is challenged the liberals in the US Supreme Court, there are five of them, will side with tyranny. The voters, rules, and Constitution do not matter when Democrats run the show, they pass bills that we don't want, that are detrimental to the future of this country, run amok to our wishes, probably rig elections and we go along with the farce that we have a republic. We may protest, vote, live according to the rules but it doesn't matter, the enemies of the United States, specifically the Democrat party our greatest traitor and domestic foe, will always get their way. The media gives them cover and is only an extension of the Democrat party. Like I've alway said people like this only understand force. One must hand it to them though, they know how to play the game much better than the Republicans, they're do not appease to the right as our side bend over forwards and backwards to compromise and get along. They are in it to win it and the Republicans deserve their fate and unfortunately they have helped to doom ours. We will be bombarded for the next eleven months until the Congressional elections of 2010, with how wonderful this young president is and how historic this event was. These people are predictable and they think we can't stop them.

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