Monday, December 28, 2009

Punish The Victims.

I'm going to do my utmost to avoid air travel from now on. It's not the fear of terrorist I'm worried about, it is the stupidity of the Transportation Security Administration that gains my ire. Imagine, this Muslim jihadist from the Religion of Peace™, was alleged to not even have a passport, was known to the relevant authorities and was alleged to be on a terrorist watch list. My point is this, why should the passengers pay the price of the TSA's stupidity? What does the hijackers of the September 11 attack, the shoe bomber, the London subway bombings and a host of other attacks have in common? That's right, they're all Muslim males. Whereas, while one may assume that all Muslims are not potential bombers of aircrafts and other modes of mass transportation, we do recognize a pattern, why not put the burden on young Muslim males and Muslim converts? Let them be throughly body searched before access to planes, let them be restricted one hour prior to reaching one's destination. Unfortunately, this will not happen because we are hell bent on suicide via political correctness. There is a post on Debbie Schlussel that maintains the Dutch prohibited Air Marshals from on US bound flights. If this proves true, why are we not taking a stronger stand against nations doing this? I've watched footage of passengers taking about the new regulations on aircrafts. They spoke of not being able to use the rest rooms, and I actually say some of them smiling while conveying this information, what asses, they should be livid or at least give the perception of being enraged about being put in this predicament. Shall we now wear Depends and Diapers when we fly from now on? This is total bullshit, one pays a high price for tickets to fly and to be treated as passengers of Con Air is a great travesty. Perhaps, if more people let it be known that these rules are folly, restrict their flying in protest, until these rules are rescinded, the TSA can go about the job of scrutinizing the ones we know are causing the trouble.

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