Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Obama, The Democrats & The Press Prove They Are Domestic Enemies By Subverting US Sovereignty.

I first heard this on the Steve Malzberg show on 710 WOR AM radio in New York City. The White House has issued an executive order that essentially gives INTERPOL powers making them beyond the reach of our top law enforcement agencies. Google it, but here's the scoop from ThreatsWatch.
Where's the outrage? Fight terrorist where they live and train to strike terror in our hearts, send them to Guantanamo Bay, your have a scandal worthy of impeachment. Give away American Sovereignty to a foreign law enforcement agency which one presumes does not have to abide by the constitution, all one hears are crickets chirping. The International Criminal Court can't be too far away. Look it's a mute point anyway, Congress, the Supreme Court, and Democrats in the White House don't care how much we speak, write or phone them, they couldn't care less. We can't hurt them with words. so be it then, I'm getting my entire being in shape for war.
More from Andy McCarthy here.

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