Saturday, December 19, 2009

How Did 'Man Made Global Warming' Become 'Man Made Climate Change?'

Are we Americans perceived by our representatives in government as being so stupid as to not pay attention when we are bombarded with phony news of so called Global Warming for decades, then when the alleged warming cannot be felt, the news reporting such begins to get the deserved ridicule, clever people now bombard us with the phrase Global Climate Change and did I mention that it is all caused by humans, especially those who live in the United States? I'm sorry here, but isn't it the very nature of climate, to change?
It has been said over and over again but Global Warming/Climate Change, is a farce to cut Americans down to size and keep us there, for some unknown reason, and whereas our external enemies were often easily identified, we have a truckload of internal ones just being recognized, and even though we don't scare them now we'll be watching those clowns and they'll be the ones cut down to size.

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