Monday, December 21, 2009

Domestic Enemies: The Left Wing Democrat Party

The Democrats will do everything to harm this country and nothing to help. They and their allies in the so called environmental movement, which includes the Environmental Protection Agency, will cripple any progress to be made in all areas of business and finance. There is increasing talk that if Congress does not pass laws relating to Carbon Dioxide, that the agency will act on its own. Carbon Dioxide is used by plants to create Oxygen, and there is a deliberate effort, one might even say deliberate concerted effort to confuse this gas with Carbon Monoxide, the poisonous gas that is toxic in enclosed spaces. I'm not sure how this distinction is not being realized by the average person. Is our knowledge of science that devalued internationally to allow for this ruse to be embraced? I expect journalist, politicians, reporters, judges and five Supreme Court justices don't get it, the difference between noxious fumes caused by the burning of fossil fuels and the exhalation of humans, those clowns are proving everyday that they aren't the brightest among us, but to not be corrected by scientist, it is all a bit concerning. If a moron such as myself knows that Carbon Dioxide is necessary for life to exist on this planet, and is the good gas, so to speak, then why are the press, politicians and now scientist force feeding us with the idea that it's bad for us to exhale? The EPA with the Democrats help will be enforcing the air we breathe in and out and there is this news item regarding the agency's war on the American Energy Industry that may reinforce my premise here.

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