Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Christmas Day Muslim Attack Was Indeed Successful.

I Believe I made this point yesterday, however, I like to stay current. Sure, the attempt by whatever his name is, didn't take down the plane and it's passengers, it did however cause massive disruptions in airports around the country. Now there's talk about full body scanners and their privacy concerns. How about doing the common sense thing? The common sense approach would be to stop period, issuing visas to Muslims, target them at airports for searches and see how that works. We know the countries where the live, these include many western European nations including the UK, many from the African Continent, Trinidad & Tobago, the middle east, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, eastern Africa etc. Naturally they will lie to the infidels as to whether they are Muslim or not, but in most cases the names can be dead giveaways. Indeed, this is a practical approach, but everyone knows that the politically correct in this society does not have the will to fight to win against this enemy. Sadly, all one has to do to see we're losing this war at home, is merely look around at the airports and keep holding your bodily functions while flying to your destination. I for one, have long since planned not to visit any foreign country without a rifle, a sidearm, a parachute and possibly a mandate from the congress or a presidential order. It's hard enough keeping the enemy at bay at home, much less on his turf.

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