Sunday, November 15, 2009

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.

Many foreigners, leave their dilapidated countries, many would sell their souls just to come to the United States of America. Once here however, they seem to take our freedoms for granted. Their allegiances belong to their home country. I understand loving where one is from, what I don't get is the constant tearing down of everything American, and these people posturing some sense of national superiority over this country, ours which nurtured them.
What whores these people are. They come here, thrive here raise children here and complain about how racist the Unite States is or whatever their alleged gripe is. My question is this, you or some significant member of your family left your sorry country to come here to the States, because your country sucked right? Well if we also suck, as many of you allege and imply, why not just go home to your beloved nation state or somewhere with people who look like you, you know the ones you claim to love so much, take your attitudes and just leave us the fuck alone.
I have a couple people in mind as I write this, people from countries where they are not even free to discuss what political party they favor or not in public without the fear of violent repercussions. These are the ones who have the gall to speak evil of our freedoms and liberties. I pray they will wake up one day and decide to leave us and never return.

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