Friday, May 28, 2021

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As Some of you may have noticed I'm no longer on Facebook, Twitter or any of the usual cancel culture media. I normally hang out now on Mastodon, Pleroma and Hubzilla instances. I can also be found on XMPP and IRC and Mumble. On Mastodon and Pleroma I can be found at these addresses:
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Friday, February 5, 2021

PinePhone Arrival

A friend in the fediverse, is convinced that in two years, hardware like the PinePhone will be deemed illegal. I hope he's wrong but I can't discount his notion either. In an age where big tech companies can censor people at will, decide what apps one can use on his/her phones and or devices and government corrupting both the language and policy, I'd say my friend may have a valid perception. I get the usual questions as to what would actually motivate one to get a PinePhone and some people like to imply that the assertions of many reviews consumed, would leave them thinking that the functionality is questionable. Perhaps, they and their numerously consumed reviews are correct. However, I think what escapes many, is the rarity an entity such as the PinePhone really is. All the pieces on and in the Phone itself works, any consolidation will take skilled re-engineering, witchcraft, hacking, coding trial and error. I submit that the developers of the PinePhone and related interests have a far better road to trod looking down the road, than say the early adopters of Linux did and look how well that turned out. Since when did we just roll over and die when things didn't go our way? Since when have we decided to relegate ourselves to being quitters? I thought so. Do I need to say anything further? Okay I will. If the early Linux pioneers had been a group of quitters where would our light be then? So the motivation imperative for having, working and developing on a PinePhone, at least in my personal perspective, is one of realized potential. I don't even like phones generally, I certainly don't find looking at their little screens all that appealing. I rarely carry mine with me and when I do it's ZTE Model Z432, little more that a flip phone running 3g with no WiFi card. No, for me the PinePhone represents freedom. It means that I can install, reinstall, change, modify, customize and use whatever apps I find useful to me in a complete Linux environment. That's empowering. It's very empowering, especially in the light and context of how many people, entities and organizations are vying for the opportunity or chance to control us and bend us to their wills. It should not be lost on us that the big tech companies role for us is to have us do the group think or be platformed into obscurity, exile or worse. It can't be lost on people on how the two major players in the mobile phone industry have so much massive control over ordinary and not so ordinary minds. It can't be lost on us on just how out of control they want us to be, to the point, it seems that we must jump through hoops to get root access to the devices we pay for and they claim to own. So one will excuse my motivations if they do not care well for the likes things not functioning just because I want them to. There are thing to consider as well, the PinePhone has a host of operating systems or Linux distributions just waiting to be ported to it and my understanding is that some work better than others and it is for one to seek what one wishes. The fact is also true that I only just received my phone it's running a beautiful front end graphical user interface (GUI) which is called KDE Plasma and at it's very core is Manjaro Linux. I've never used Manjaro before, its a very recent distribution from my perspective as I started out with the likes of Redhat Linux 5.1 Debian Linux Sarge, Turbo Linux, Slackware and the like. I did have the opportunity to run Arch Linux, from whence I think Manjoro is related. I don't like any other Linux distributions except Debian. Debian based distributions are fine in a pinch but I'm a Debian supremacist. Debian just has them all beaten by the choices and sheer numbers of packages. However, I'll withhold all impulses to immediately change the OS on my PinePhone just yet. I love learning new things and even with the limitations getting a chance to play with an Arch Linux like OS is a good thing to learn. So there it is an initial synopsis of why I'll support the PinePhone and similar endeavors in freedom and technology. No doubt not the last words I'll be saying on the subject but it's an opening salvo. For those interested in obtaining a PinePhone, the pine store is always a good place to start. Thanks for spending the time and may the learning forever continue and happy hacking.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Use this lightweight, powerful image viewer from now on.

I downloaded this package several weeks ago, I learned about it from one of my social networks, and I've been racking my brain trying to remember what it was called. I had to print out a list of all my installed packages and do a grep -i search using the filter "viewer" until I found it. I knew that it started with the letter s, but for the life of me that's all I could remember. Long story short, it's name is sxiv. Sxiv isn't a gui program it's a lightweight image/picture view that's invoked from a Linux terminal and views pictures in the X Window environment. I love it. Here's a YouTube video demonstrating its merits.If you want to learn more and don't like this video just head on over to YouTube and do a search. I'm partly making this post so as to have a place to find it's name should I ever forget it in the future.

Third-party browser extensions, including Instagram, Facebook, and Vimeo, infected with malware.

Researchers at Avast, a specialist in digital security and privacy products, have identified malware hidden in at least 28 third-party extensions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge associated with very popular platforms. The malware has the functionality of redirecting user's traffic to ads or phishing sites, as well as stealing users' personal data; such as birthdates, email addresses, and active devices. According to app store download figures, around three million people could be affected worldwide. Extensions that help users download videos from these platforms include extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers, including Video Downloader for Facebook, Video Downloader for Vimeo, Story Downloader for Instagram, and VK Unblock. Avast researchers have identified malicious code in JavaScript-based extensions, which allows them to download other malware onto a user's PC. Users also reported that these extensions manipulate their online experience and redirect them to other websites. Indeed, each time one of them clicks on a link, the extensions send information relating to the click to the attacker's control server. The cybercriminal can then decide to redirect the victim to a new hacked URL, before later redirecting them to the website that wants to be visited. User privacy is therefore compromised by this procedure, as a full log of their clicks is sent to these third-party intermediary websites. Hackers also exfiltrate and collect birthdates, email addresses, and user device information; including the time of the first and last connection, the device name,the operating system, the browser used and its version, and even the IP addresses to possibly find the history of the approximate geographical location of the user. Avast researchers believe the goal is to monetize traffic: for every redirect to a third-party domain, cybercriminals would receive payment. However, the extension also has the ability to redirect users to advertisements or phishing sites. " Our hypothesis is that either the extensions were deliberately created with the malware embedded, or the author waited for the extensions to become popular and then pushed an update containing the malware ," explains Jan Rubin, malware researcher. at Avast. It is also possible that the author sold the original extensions to someone else after creating them, and then that buyer subsequently introduced the malware. " Avast's Threat Intelligence team has been monitoring this threat since November 2020, but believes it has been active for several years without anyone noticing. Negative reviews mentioning the hijacking of links have been visible on the Chrome Web Store since December 2018. “The backdoors of extensions are well hidden, and extensions don't start showing malicious behavior until a few days after installation,” Rubin adds , “which makes discovery difficult for any security software. " “ Malware is quite difficult to detect because it has the ability to 'hide' itself , ” continues Jan Vojtesek, malware researcher at Avast. The virus detects if the user is viewing any of his hidden domains on Google or, for example, is a web developer, and if so, will not perform any malicious activity on their browser. It avoids infecting people more knowledgeable in web development, since they could more easily find out what extensions are doing in the background ”. Currently, infected extensions are still available for download. Avast reported them to teams at Microsoft and Google Chrome, who confirmed that they are currently investigating the issue. In the meantime, Avast recommends that users disable or uninstall extensions until the issue is resolved, then scan for malware and remove it. The list of detected compromised extensions is available below: Direct Message for Instagram Direct Message for Instagram ™ DM for Instagram Invisible mode for Instagram Direct Message Downloader for Instagram Instagram Download Video & Image App Phone for Instagram App Phone for Instagram Stories for Instagram Universal Video Downloader Universal Video Downloader Video Downloader for FaceBook ™ Video Downloader for FaceBook ™ Vimeo ™ Video Downloader Vimeo ™ Video Downloader Volume Controller Zoomer for Instagram and FaceBook VK UnBlock. Works fast. Odnoklassniki UnBlock. Works quickly. Upload photo to Instagram ™ Spotify Music Downloader Stories for Instagram Upload photo to Instagram ™ Pretty Kitty, The Cat Pet Video Downloader for YouTube SoundCloud Music Downloader The New York Times News Instagram App with Direct Message DM

Did Anyone Else Know About This? Older Android Phones Almost Had A Tragedy In 2021 and Stil Will in 2024.

According to this Zdnet article.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Congress Loves You Oh So Much.

The last time congress loved us, they gave us $1200 dollars, that's $100 a month, they love us so much. We keep paying them while they kill our means of making a living. It's not just congress either it's the democrat scum governors and the republican rino's whithout spines or honor too. Now They're trying to placate us with, instead of $100 a month, to tide us over for the next coming year, they're giving us $50. While they become millionaires and still get paid to boot. While we starve and get evicted from our once affordable homes.

Monday, December 14, 2020

Time For A Third Political Party In the United States?

There is a lot of talk about how Donald Trump should form a third party. My question is, why should anyone wish for the reinvention of the wheel? Donald Trump already has a party all he has to do is commandeer it and let the never Trumpers and Rino's go away and join the democrats or form their own party. Mergers and hostile takeovers are tried and true methods of progress. The democrats and their allies, who engineered a well orchestrated example of election theft, a revelation of who really has the actual power in the United States and proving to one and all everywhere, that it certainly isn't the American electorate, just proved that notion. Talk of Trump starting a new party ignores the fact that he has already done all that. It is now time to consolidate that hold on the party and reinforce it's new, more pertinent purpose to ensure it's survival and viability. I for one would welcome a party platform that would relegate the democrats and their leftist to a status of permanent minority status politically. However, that's going to be an uphill struggle since democrats are now capable and willing to steal all and any elections at will. Democrats must be admired for their propensity to engage in political guerilla warfare. They're excellently ruthless at it that is a lesson worth learning for all who wish to survive United States politics. The democrats have no compulsion to get along with their opposition, only to destroy them. They are not concerned that they disenfranchised a majority of voters in broad daylight and got away with it. Would you? That's a most remarkable feat and they will not be worried that there are many people who will oppose them all that matters to these people is that they are in power and they will crush all opposing resistance with the might of government, media, academia and the entertainment industry, which may or may not be included in what is already mentioned as media but I digress. I love that about the democrats but only that. They are ruthless players in a game where they have perfected their strategies for dominant survival. It has often been observed that while republicans may be in office, the democrats rule and have the power. In the case of a republican in the White House the republicans may hold the office of the executive branch but it is the democrats in the legislature, courts and deep state who coalesce, collude and wield the power. Republicans must learn the difference. The legislators of those so called swing states that permitted the massive election frauds probably have no idea that what they've essentially done is negate themselves from every being elected to office again unless they run as democrats. We once had a republic but republics seem to be elusive creatures that no one seems able to keep them for long.

Is The People's Republic Of China's Xi Jinping The Leftist World Real Man Of The Year?

Time Magazine, a publication whose credibility and indeed, relevance is inherently questionable is foisting the increasingly used tactic of serving yet another fraudulent notion on a seemingly apathetic and complacent United States audience. Imagine anyone seriously thinking that Joe Biden after all his years of running in presidential elections and Kamala Harris, a candidate who couldn't even garner enough party support to get her pass the initial stages of the Democrat party selection process, forcing her to be the first candidate forced to quit the race because democrats found her too unlikable for their own tastes, to be the most fantastically successful people of the year. How so? What would garner them such acclaim one might ask? I really can't figure out the reasoning for any such conclusion. It seems to me, that the People's Republic of China, a misnomer if there was ever one, since China is anything but a republic, are the real men of the year. Imagine, they have successfully engineered the possible defeat of the one person in both the Democrat and Republican parties that opposed them and shone any reasonable light on their true motivations and their willing enablers globally. Quite a feat for what many world leaders are conceding, is the new dominant, world superpower on the scene possibly ready to put the finishing touches on the corrupt, listless and broken United States of America. One can almost see the dark times ahead for the proponents of Western Civilization and their vain notions of republics, free peoples, liberty and individual freedoms. In the lives of the majority of people on this planet, such notions are mere blissful fantasies because this world is run, for the most part by tyranny and brutal force of arms is the only saving grace. Dark times indeed when true republics will be regulated to the graveyard of history, fantasy and fiction forever because men will be forced to face the reality of life which is tyranny for all except those with the will and means to bend those with delusions of freedoms until they bow or break.

Sunday, December 6, 2020

I can afford bigger and perceptively better computers but this is the one I use for everyday use it only has 8GB of RAM and I can't wait to buy the upgrade which will have at least 16GB.
This is my main computer these days, it runs Debian unstable aka Debian Sid and I love using it.
This is my library card blocking the view of my computer. Showing just how small this thing really is.

Debian Images for your Raspberry Pi Family of Single Board Computers, Including the Pi 4.

I have several Raspberry Pi's. Four to be exact. I was never a fan of 32bit systems running on my 64bit machines so I wasn't satisfied with the then Rasbian operating system. For my earlier Raspberry Pi 3B and 3B+ I soon migrated to some experimental Debian images that worked great and in cases where there were lapses in hardware support, kernel hacking was a viable solution. Eventually I had Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth and sound working flawlessly. That was years ago. When the new Raspberry PI 4B came out I realized that none of those images that worked on the 3 series, would work on them, no matter how much hacking I tried. Fortunately, there are now images for the 4B that work out the box. There are 64bit images for the Ubuntu distribution and they worked really fine but I'm partial to Debian and plus there was an issue with Ubuntu not booting without the SD card which I didn't like. So I was happy to back up my /home directory and switch Operating systems. Anyhow enough background history here is the link to get those tested and true Raspberry Pi Debian images for the whole Pi family: Debian Images for the Raspberry Pi 4B and earlier. Enjoy, happy hacking and thanks for reading.

Saturday, December 5, 2020